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Christina Nini Shows Us, "What It Feels Like"

Christina Nini made her move from New Jersey to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her career of becoming a Pop solo artist. Music has always been an instrumental part of her life but it wasn’t until she moved to Music City that she began to discover her love of songwriting and really shape her own sound and identity.

“What It Feels Like,” is the most recent single from the emerging Pop artist taking the world by storm. Transporting us into a realm of sultry vocals enhanced by the reverberated vessel they flourish in, the dark ambiance that is projected throughout the essence of this track remains full of thought-provoking tendencies.

Influenced by artists such as Coldplay, Lennon Stella, and many others, we hear pieces of their artistry in the shimmering sound conveyed, all while Christina Nini gives us something that is entirely a reflection of her own driven capabilities.

Weaved into the thick of the melodic soundscape we’re graced with, Christina Nini has a knack for drawing her fan base towards illuminated verses and mesmerizing hooks. Keeping her delivery buoyant in an environment riddled with shadowy synths, the manner in which her euphonious timbres grace the instrumentation remains pleasing on dimensions beyond comprehension.

Enhancing the tone with various vocal layers depicting not only an extensive vocal range but Christina Nini’s ability to harmonize, the depth that is showcased has us placing “What It Feels Like,” on loop in order to absorb every moment she emanates. As long as Christina Nini is at the helm of her seemingly graceful creations, we’re ready to ride the waves she produces.

Hello Christina Nini, and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. The entire thesis of “What It Feels Like,” has us in overdrive! We love it! In your own words, could you please the meaning behind this song?

The meaning behind “What It Feels Like” is about letting go of anything that is causing you stress, anxiety, depression, etc. I wrote WIFL after writing a lot of sad songs—I was finally getting over a dark period in my life where I was wallowing in sadness from the past. It was the first song I wrote when I was genuinely happy and content because I had gotten out of a relationship that wasn’t serving me any good. The song is about embracing change. It’s about letting go of toxic people/relationships and realizing how good it feels when you are finally able to leave negativity in the past.

Do you find that the sounds of “What It Feels Like,” directly ties into the three-song project you have coming out later this year?

I think the song ties into the other 2 songs I’ve released/am releasing because it’s one piece of the puzzle. All three songs are inspired by different people per se, but they are all a part of my entire experience. All of the songs are about relationships I had and events that shaped me to where I am now.

We would love it if you could take us into the creative process embarked on this single. What went into bringing it to life?

The creative process for “What It Feels Like” started with a feeling. Quite literally! I was finally at a place where I was like “so this is how it feels to be genuinely happy?” I wrote this song with Gabe Simon and Ethan Hulse–– we talked about what I was feeling after leaving a stand-still relationship and then we started writing. Before writing the song, I knew I wanted the title to be “What It Feels Like”. Ethan and Gabe helped me bring my emotions and feelings to the forefront. After we had a demo of the song, I brought it to my producer, David Spencer, and he absolutely killed the production! I think it’s my favorite production I’ve ever had on a song of my own. I knew I wanted it to be uplifting and up-tempo, while also keeping a lot of organic elements on this track. I wanted there to be a lot of stacked vocals on the song also so that it felt light and airy but also have a drive.

What does “What It Feels Like,” say about you and your artistry? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from this debut single?

I feel that creating “What It Feels Like” was a big step for me as an artist. For as long as I’ve written music, I have always gravitated to sad ballads. It’s super easy for me to write something sad, so writing “What It Feels Like” was more of a challenge for me. A challenge that I feel paid off. Not only was it transformative for me as an artist, but I think for my listeners as well. It’s almost a new lane of music that I wasn’t really comfortable with writing before, but now that I’ve done it, I’ve realized how therapeutic and authentic it was for me. As for my audience, if they take away one thing from this song, I hope it’s the message. Like I mentioned before, I’m not one to preach “you can move on!” or “leave them it’s not worth it!” (as much as I wish I could lol) so I hope that my listeners hear the song and understand it’s ok to put yourself first. In fact, it’s what you should do. I want them to feel positivity while listening to the song and I hope it just makes them feel good.


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