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Christopher Watson Makes Our Hearts Melt With "The Sweetest Thing"

Christopher Watson is a Jahaitian-American singer, songwriter and recording artist. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, his music is a blend of blues, folk and soul. Watson spent many years performing at music venues across New York City, including the Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall. His debut EP, “Part of a Man”, was released in November 2015 with the single “Long No More”. Following his “Till the Sun Tour” in June 2016, Watson relocated to sunny Los Angeles, California and performs regularly at local venues, private parties and on the boardwalk in Venice Beach.

Today, BuzzMusic is proud to present a fresh new single by Christopher Watson called “The Sweetest Thing”. True to its title, the song begins with a solemn acoustic guitar and soulful vocals. Watson’s voice is soothing, soaring, and can instantly cause one to feel relaxed. The vocals are delivered with sincerity, skill, poise, and the simplicity and tasteful sparseness of the arrangement allows the voice to shine through gloriously. The choruses exhibit a dream-like quality with the tenderness of the background vocals. The chorus and verses are nicely broken up with a short guitar riff, and the verses that follow also make use of the calming quality of the background vocals, amounting to a slowly building song that just keeps on giving. The whole song is beautifully written, arranged and executed, and we can’t recommend this talented artist enough!

Be sure to add Christopher's "The Sweetest Thing" to your Spotify playlist, and scroll below for this artists exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey Christopher! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Can you start us off by describing your background and how you originally got started on your musical journey?

I was born to West Indian parents, Mom from Haiti and my Dad is from Jamaica, so music wasn't on the plate as a profession. Music kind of just followed me and revealed the artist in me. As that artistic spirit grew, I was able to see how this isn't just a passing thing. I need to create and share music to stay alive.

Growing up in Tampa, Florida, what was the music scene around you like?

My music influence came mostly from my mother growing up. When I switched over to the drums I got more interested in punk and rock music. I played snare in my High School Drumline and also on Sunday's at church.

Who would you say your biggest influences on your music are?

Jon Gibson. He is a Christian and Soul music artist from back in the day, my mom had his CD on repeat. Stevie Wonder can communicate on every level. John Mayer. So many blues artists, Albert King, Muddy Waters, Little Walter.

You have a new single, “The Sweetest Thing”. The song captures a sweet mood nicely, but is there a deeper meaning or message behind the music in this case?

This song is simply about the love of God. I've seen a lot of triumph and heartbreak in my life and Jesus has been the only one to see me through it. He blessed me with the most wonderful family. My cousin Alex Knight is featured on the song and he has also been a heavy influence in showing my how good God is.

What can we hope to see from Christopher Watson in the future?

I'm releasing my EP "The Sweetest Thing" in April so stay tuned for that. I don't stick to one genre. Music and songwriting in particular is too fluid for that. My next single is "Booty." It's a banger.


Connect with Christopher Watson via the artists website and social medias:


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