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Chrome Friends Music Presents Canadian trio Manteasah, and Their Debut Single "The Minister"

Chrome Friends Music presents the Canadian trio Manteasah, and their debut single/music video, "The Minister."

Creating music that's truly unique in sound and themes, Justin Makemdef, Nique, and Jodie B take versatility to the next level with their recent single "The Minister."

What starts as an intricate hip-hop beat turns into this overpowering monster of musical creation. Not to mention their eerie music video that touches on supernatural themes of witchcraft and the devil himself, Manteasah has truly haunted up the music scene with this intense debut hit. With sonics that ranges from hip-hop into a dark and eerie electronic space, we're caught in the belly of the beast with this track. 

"The Minister" opens with deep and dark sub-bass that pushes the track down to the depths below, which is precisely what Manteasah's music video portrays. With wicked symbolism, frightful edits, and incredibly haunting imagery, Manteasah has captured the essence of a solid music video solely with their debut release. 

While Justin Makemdef begins rapping with a dark and irresistible tone, we transition into the hook where Jodie B mesmerizes us with her haunting vocals and lyrics of keeping evil far away. She also impresses us with a few atmospheric bars that bring versatility to the intoxicating single.

With profound production techniques and immense talent from Manteasah, it wouldn't be right to let their debut release "The Minister" go unnoticed. 

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, its an honor to have you with us. for Seeing as "The Minister" is Manteasah's debut release, what makes the single/music video a good introduction to the Canadian trio?

First off, thanks for taking a moment to sit down with us and talk about the project!

Our music has such variation from song to song, with all the projects we have going on (Chuurch, Makemdef, and Jodie B solo), we strive to make sure no two songs will ever sound the same. That being said, I think ‘The Minister’ is a perfect introduction to how far we are willing to push ourselves to bring out a side of us that people don’t see very often. Someone once told me that the hardest part of writing a good song is opening up that hole or portal into the writer's soul that lets everybody look in and see who the artist really is. I feel like this song is an eerily accurate representation of some of the conversations we have, and it’s a great way to get to know us if you read between the lines of what the song's message is. Art is subjective though, so that’s for the listener to decide what they believe.

We noticed that DJ Big Worm helped with the production for "The Minister." What was your collaborative process like when crafting the song's atmosphere and vibe?

The track was produced by (group member and song’s rapper) Makemdef. We brought in Curtis (Worm) because he’s just an absolute beast when comes to throwing down vinyl scratches, his ability to cut up our vocals and get in the pocket with those cuts absolutely took this track to the next level.

Honorable mention to Thomas Sahs, CFM head-honcho who Justin was working with on a separate remix project with HoneyClaws and Chuurch. Thomas sent over a couple of folders of sounds that got added into the mix that really brought the track to another level. The song was about 7 months in the works, from writing, beat crafting, and mixing until the final product you hear today. A lot of the vibes came from psychedelic influences at the time, the writing was therapy for what we were seeing in the media and how we were feeling about the darkness in the world at the time.

Speaking on your music video for "The Minister," Manteasah captures these dark yet irresistible scenes. What was your concept/story for the music video?

We owe a lot of that to Videographer and Director, Maddi Dewalt a.k.a. Iris Hollow. With the songs lyric content, we focused our efforts and brain cycles into how we were going to walk the fine line of representing the darkness without giving the notion we’re full-blown Satanists… although the video might say different, we are not some Devil worshippers. Jodie and Maddi had worked together previously, and while Maddi was in town visiting family we felt like it was a now or never, do or die type situation with doing a video with someone as talented as her. Manteasah was set to debut at this year’s’ Shambhala Music Festival’ in Salmo, BC and when the pandemic hit and that opportunity was taken away from us we doubled our efforts to find ways we could get this out. After going back and forth with Iris brainstorming concepts, we settled on the location and concept - but get this, we actually didn’t get to see the inside of the buildings we shot at beforehand because there’s a ton of snow on the ground and we couldn’t access it at the first scout of the area. Lo and behold, when the day came and we went into the location and saw all that crazy demonic shit on the walls, we knew it was serendipitous to the situation and we just surrendered to the universe and let the creativity open up. The result was something we didn’t imagine we could capture like that, it was nerve-wracking at first thinking about how it was going to be perceived, but this is art, man. Sometimes you gotta just go for it and worry about what the people will say later.

Where would you say your sound lies in terms of genres? "The Minister" leans more on the hip-hop side, will you continue with this sound in the future?

Makemdef has produced tracks for artists like KRS-1, Vince Staples, Nino Bless, Fashawn, and too many others to name, and Jodie’s produced for the likes of Atmosphere and Mayday, so we got hip hop in our veins. We’ve got 10 songs in the chamber that range in styles, for the most part, they stay rooted in a live-music essence.

What you don’t hear on the Minister is Nique and Jodie’s insanely vast selection of instruments they play (harmonica, sax, guitar, and bass, live looping, mandolin.. You might even hear trumpets or Cello..). Right now our music ranges from 75bpm-130bpm, we’re really just trying to stir the pot creatively to make unique sounds that fit our brand.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020 and what can we expect to see next from you?

We keep each other inspired. Every day we wake up, we are reminded to be grateful that we get to do what we love every day. We just wrapped up shooting for our next video which is a lot more summer vibes Manteasah, we’re making new music and getting the songs we’ve got down ready to release. This is the new roaring 20’s, baby. The year of the hustler, we’re gonna keep doing just that. Shout out to Chrome Friends Music for the opportunity to work, we’re excited to keep moving forward with the team! And thanks to you for taking the time to sit down with us, it’s all love.

Peace from Canada!

Justin, Jodie, Nique


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