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Chuck Alkazian & Zach Radcliff Release a Beautiful Cover of Casting Crowns "Voice of Truth"

Hailing from Detriot, Michigan, is Producer/Sound Chuck Alkazian and Singer/Songwriter Engineer Zach Radcliff. With Zach Radcliff''s friendly vocal persona blended to Chuck Alkazian's sound engineering, the two can create music that is vibrant and articulate. They have pure intentions as music artists and wish to create a dynamic and profoundly rooted sound. Chuck Alkazian & Zach Radcliff bring a very homey quality to their recent cover of Casting Crowns "Voice of Truth." With a powerful Country/Pop sound, the two focus on expressing their proclamations in charming and relatable ways. There's a level of charisma that comes along with such expressions in music, and needless to say, Zach Radcliff's vocals and Chuck Alkazian's mixing might very well win you over. Regardless of their natural and harmonic musical attraction, the two artists are very compatible in the sense that Chuck really knew how to match the soundscape to Zach's vocal narrative. The atmosphere Chuck Alkazian & Zach Radcliff create is elaborate, yet simplistic. You'll hear this within the style the production takes, as well as the straightforward approach with Zach's sound. There's an impressive range of vocals showcased within "Voice of Truth" that garnered our full attention. All in all, "Voice of Truth" contains an inspiring message and production, and the themes Chuck Alkazian brings about will inevitably have Country/Pop lovers fixated.

Check out Chuck Alkazian & Zach Radcliff in "Voice of Truth" here



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