Chuck Daggers Releases EDM Single 'IN GOLD'

DJ, Producer, Chuck Daggers takes the crowd to the extreme with his blend of HIP HOP/Urban Pop Dance music. His obsession to find the perfect sound to drop and activate the crown is what makes him one of the most in demand DJ's from NY to LA. Chuck Daggers has performed for thousands of people at major events in Los Angeles and internationally.

Chuck Daggers has released his highly anticipated new single 'IN GOLD'. The song features vocals from the talented 'Diana Inez'. Chuck Daggers poppy eclectic EDM beat, builds throughout the song, which levels off with the chorus making it a powerhouse hit. 'IN GOLD' has been playing on stations all across the country and has been added to numerous playlists to date. If your looking for the hardest working EDM DJ in the game look no further. Listen Chuck Daggers new single IN GOLD here.

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