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Chucnova Releases Hit "Bravehearted"

ChucNova is an artist born and raised in Miami, Florida whose hitting the music industry with an entire different approach to music. Strikingly, the mixture of his Caribbean-paradise culture style to songwriting and melodies is a welcoming breath of fresh air in today’s genre of music. ChucNova  knew exactly how to cultivate his unique style and fuse it together with today’s contemporary trending wave! His single “Bravehearted” was nothing less than a consistent bop that remained thorough from beginning to end. ChucNova completely has catchy and appealing lyrics to match his special flow that shows absolutely no error. His ability to balance breathe-control while keeping a steady tempo and pace was highly impressive for me. “Bravehearted” is a mainstream sounding hit that fits right in with the current plethora of charting music you hear on today’s radio and in the clubs all around. With a slight detailed autotune, a unique texturized voice, and a rad delivery, Chucnova allowed his inner star to shine through-completely making the song more vibrant and characterized from the rest.

Don't forget to check out "Bravehearted" on Spotify, as well as the artists exclusive interview below where he shares the process on his latest single!


Connect with Chucnova via the artists social media:


Hey Chucnova! Great to chat with you! How did you develop this unique style of yours? Any influences?

My style was developed from years of practice and my accent helps a little bit, but my influences are Lil'Wayne, Pitbull and Kayne West.

What inspired you to write “Bravehearted” ? What is the meaning of the song to you?

I got inspired to write BraveHearted because of one my Ex-Girlfriends, the trials and tribulations that she experienced gave me the idea and also everything my MOM went through. Woman are just brave, period.

If you could feature any artist of your choice on “Bravehearted” who would you select and why?

To be honest I don't think anyone can do bravehearted like I did. But if I really wanted a feature on it I would go for Lil'Baby because I like his sound and energy.

Tell us a little bit about the music video process for “Bravehearted”. Any challenges?

For the video I really wanted it to be authentic, so that wasn't really a challenge because the song came from being a product of my environment so it wasn't really hard for me to come up with a concept.

What's next for you through 2019?

I just got done doing some performances at SXSW Im in the mindset of promoting my music, also currently working on my EP with several producers one of which is a Multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated producer and its about to be released soon, my fans have been asking for a body of work and I gotta give what my fans want.


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