Cindy Jollotta Releases New Single "Ghosts"

Los Angeles Singer/Songwriter Cindy Jollotta announces the release of her latest single entitled “Ghosts”. Normally touring with her own band The Podunk Poets, Cindy is stepping out on her own and created a solo project that combines her love of honky-tonk and bluegrass with her roots in the alternative rock world. The result is what Cindy likes to call ‘Americana Gothic.’

Cindy encompasses a variety of styles on the songwriting of ‘Ghosts’ such as Folk, New Americana and Alt Country that will surely be adored by fans of Neko Case and the Dixie Chicks alike. She aims to deliver raw emotion with a touch of whimsy in a style that combines dramatic arrangements and playful touches. The single "Ghosts" exhibits feelings of heartbreak and remorse that only one can experience and know by going through the trials and tribulations or life itself.

Cindy adds - "Ghosts is about the missed opportunities, bad choices, and regrets that become ghosts that haunt you.”

You can stream “Ghosts” via Soundcloud here

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