Robin Harris Jr. Releases New Single “Right Now” Produced By Cire Mayo

The beauty of Hip-Hop music nowadays is the diverse styles influenced by past hip-hop legends that birthed a new generation of influential artists. Cire Mayo is a music producer/engineer born in Queens, New York and raised in Los Angeles, California. His musical contributions are truly diverse. He is just as comfortable creating hard hitting drums, distorted guitar licks and raw bass lines as he is with laying down some soulful electric piano or energetic synths! He will be the first to tell you hip hop is where his heart is rooted, but he does not like to put limits on his creativity.

His artist? A charismatic and comedian who goes by the name of Robin Harris Jr. a.k.a. KID ROB; the son of a legend. Born Robin Harris Jr., Rob never got the chance to meet his father whose death came six months before Robin Jr's birth. With a unique story of his own, the Los Angeles native displays his versatility with story telling over smooth fresh sounds! Both as a duo, released “Right Now” which is your classic smooth-sailing beat with a lyrical flow that’s nearly flawlessly executed.

Robin has that classic old-school rap flow to him where he naturally articulates to the beat fluently while still managing to have a distinctive rap voice exquisite and unique to him. The production of this single has elements of Reggae in my opinion. Reggae being one of my personal favourite genres, it’s unique how the flare of that style of music is incorporated into this hip-hop beat. The production of this song sound similar to the likes of ‘J. Cole’ music. Storytelling lyricism with a chilled, laid-back beat that’s easy to vibe with is the atmosphere that Cire Mayo and Robin Harris creates for their listeners. It’s wavy and hip, but it’s connotative and interpretive which is the fun mystery that most rap fans likes to explore in hip-hop music. Both of these creatives are intelligent musical masterminds and we’re excited to see what else they have in store!

Check out our exclusive interview with Cire Mayo below!

Care to introduce yourselves?

Rob: My name is Robin Harris Jr. aka Kid Rob. The son of late comedian Robin Harris & I’m from Los Angeles, Ca

Cire: Hey BuzzMusic I’m Cire Mayo Producer/Engineer from Whittier Ca.

Love the new song!! Can you tell us a bit about it? 

Rob: It’s a vibe! Thanks Buzz Music, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! “Right Now” is smooth fresh song produced by my guy CireMayo. The record puts you in a good mood like you in LA at night on some boss ish. The production is crazy, I just added a lil sauce

Cire: I created this beat before I met Rob. I was saving it for the right artist. As soon as he came to the studio I played it for him and he started creating on the spot! What Rob did on this track was perfect he really made it shine! 

Cire Mayo, when did you first realized you had the special talent needed in music production?

I played Tenor Sax in high school which sparked my interest in how music was created. After high school I started tinkering with keyboards and my Dads old karaoke machine. From that point on I was hooked. 

Cire Mayo your instrumental making of “Right Now” seems to have various infused elements included. Mind listing a few for our readers?

I appreciate your ear and noticing the layers and elements. There are a lot of stacked drums both live and programmed, Reversed Fender Rhodes and synth string parts, live percussion and synth bass to name some. 

What would be the hardest part of producing music Cire Mayo and why?

Great question! I think the hardest part of producing music can be staying a student of the craft. Sometimes we get set in our ways we find “go to” sounds, tempos and chords. If you stay a student you will constantly be evolving and learning. That’s not always easy but it’s critical. 

Has rapping always been a passion for you Robin? Do you feel more naturally talented in comedy or rap? Or is it a blend of both? 

Rob: Music has always been apart of my life. From growing up in church, playing piano, and just being around it daily. Rapping was an outlet, a way to express myself. I eventually fell in love with music and rap as an art. I wouldn’t call myself a comedian at all simply because I have no desire to pursue a career as a comic. However, I like to display my humor in my music (lyrics, music videos, performances, etc.)

Robin, Who are some of your rap influences?

Rob: I have a large range of influences. In regards to rap it would be Kendrick Lamar, J.cole, 2pac, Biggie, Nipsey Hussle, Big Krit, Anderson Paak, Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa to name a few

What do you both think of the current state of rap music and the direction it’s heading in?

Rob: It’s definitely going in an interesting direction. The state of rap music has evolved especially since I was introduced to hip hop (the golden era); but I think it’s going in a positive direction. You see a lot of the older & younger artists supporting one another, as well as a ton of dope artists being real creative from an artistic & business perspective.

Cire: I agree with Rob. I feel there are gaps being bridged, I see a lot of amazing artists on the rise as well as established artists doing their thing. I get upset when I hear people complain about the state of music there are plenty of great artists out there you just have to take a little time and search around you’ll find them! 

What's next for the both of you? 

Rob: I’m back in the lab working on new music to follow up my album The Legacy Continues; looking to release 2019.

Cire: I’m in the studio cooking up beats and recording/mixing artists. I will be on a few projects in 2019 as well as dropping some instrumental albums. Rob and I already have some more songs cooked up so be ready for those as well!