"City Beat" By Sooraj Will Leave You Breathless

Sooraj is a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, composer, and arranger from Mumbai, India. His musical influences ranges from traditional classical like Mozart to the likes of contemporary yet legendary acts like Beatles. He released his single “City Beat”, the up-beat, delightful tune that creates the setting the title gives. Lyrics matching the entire vibe of the song, Sooraj displays the “City lifestyle” in a 3 minute 50 second single. The consistent backtrack instrumental automatically creates the positive, uplifting mood you receive while listening.

A unique factor about it however would be the usage of the electric guitar that fabricates a more folk tune to the pop single. Showing much diversity, Sooraj has a beautiful and naturally warm vocal tone. His voice resonance seems to be much skilled in range and vocal control. It’s very difficult to listen to this song and feel any other emotion rather than charisma. It’s light-hearted and outgoing, the perfect tune to transform your dwellsome mood to concrete happiness. The perfect seasonal song digestible for the ending of 2018 and the beginning of the new year!

Listen to "City Beat" here and get to know Sooraj in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Sooraj, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m a pop/rock singer-songwriter from Mumbai, India - and I love bad jokes and puns.


What was your experience like coming from India to Los Angeles to pursue music?

Quite a helluva ride! I’ve always been into music, all my life and I saw this more as a chance to upgrade my skills and be better at what I do. I’ve learned a lot of new things here - including how to be part of other bands (as a keyboard player) and learn from others’ way of doing things.


How is the music scene in Mumbai? What motivated you to get into music?

The music scene in Mumbai has recently been quite happening and lively for upcoming artists. It’s quite an amazing feeling seeing a market being built for music that isn’t “Bollywood music” (which is the mainstream category of music in India).  As for getting into music, I’ve always been into music for as long as I can remember. I picked up the keyboard when I was one and a half, and singing around the same time - and I’ve never looked back ever since!

Do you think your upbringing and environment plays an important role in your musical influence? Why or why not?

Absolutely. In fact it’s the defining factor of your musical influence. Like it or not, it always plays out. For example, there’s certain scales or chords or tunes I relate to very easily because I was trained in Indian classical music from a young age. Similarly you’ll find people who play or prefer a certain kind of music a certain way, because of the way they’ve been brought up or the kind of music they’ve been exposed to in the formative years of their lives. 

How was the creation process of “City Beat” ? What was your ultimate vision for this single?

“City Beat” was a fun project because from the very start - it was meant to be written and presented by the city of Mumbai. And my friends from Mumbai came through in fine style, both when I asked them for lyrical ideas (by asking them what Mumbai means to them) and when I asked them for videos for the final music video. My vision for this single was for it to be a tribute to the city where I’ve grown up and lived all my life. And I hoped to capture what was so unique about the Mumbai city life through the song. 

What’s are your plans for 2019? Where do you want to see yourself ending the year?

Touring, hopefully! I’m planning to release my 11-song album called “Here We Go” in early January 2019 and take it from there. I hope to end the year with a really good, successful mini-tour/college tour for the album. And of course, doing tours with the other bands that I play keys for, and adding a whole new happy dimension to my musical journey. 

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