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City Fidelia Takes Artistic Strides During Black History Month With "Drugs and Loaded Weapons"

Hip-hop raconteur, City Fidelia reigns from Ottawa, Canada, with extensive messaging surrounding contemptuous hostility of the social injustice that is police brutality.

Known as a soulful street poet, lyricist, mentor, and positive figure in the Canadian music scene, we get to experience a side of City Fidelia’s authentic storytelling as he bears a vulnerability in his art that requests for a call to action.

Bringing forth consequential themes to the month of February, better known as Black History Month, the reverberated soundscape of his most recent release, “Drugs and Loaded Weapons,” pulses through your speakers while allowing your mind to fixate upon the profound messaging that City Fidelia discourses.

Illuminating focus on a subject that many still turn their backs to in the society we live in, we hear the hunger exposed in the tonal distinction that City Fidelia embodies as he interconnects the excessive and merciless use of force and the often fear-provoking experiences of exchanges with police that disproportionately affect people of color.

Rich in his vocalization, City Fidelia takes us through his impeccably timed verses as he displays buttery cadences that punch into the thesis of systemic racial biases embedded in policing. With the lyrical motif, “Tryin’ to stay calm, stay strong when the TVs on. Flipping through the news just to see another brother gone. Even when the cameras on, they always acquitted. Yeah, they put the charges on, but never convicted,” this single is more than just another song to be heard and forgotten about.

“Drugs and Loaded Weapons,” is a brilliant masterpiece that plunges into the depths of true Hip-hop, all while trickling into a unique realm of new wave flavor that has become a fluent trait for the emerging artist. If you haven’t grasped it yet, you should be no stranger to the quintessence of City Fidelia as he continues to use his platform to be a voice for BIPOC Canadians and citizens across the globe.

“Drugs and Loaded Weapons,” can be found on all major streaming platforms with a live performance video of the long-awaited track debuting on YouTube.


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