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“City Lights” by Cardiac Half Explores the Intoxication of New Love

Brother-fronted, pop duo Cardiac Half is comprised of Drew and Dylan Miller. Formed in 2016, they released their successful 5-track EP in 2017 and have been consistently on the rise since. Influenced by an extensive range of pop, alternative, and electronic artists, they aim to deliver emotionally packed, engaging, and downright addictive music to the industry today.

Cardiac Half’s new single “City Lights” leads with a uniquely expressive, breathy and raspy yet smooth vocal, which guides you through the poetic observations and intimate reflections in a likable and authentic manner. From a songwriting perspective, the compelling, descending melody of the verse within “City Lights” paves the way with perfect anticipation towards the ultimate and mighty resolve of the hook. The drop is incredibly satisfying, not purely because the production is so professionally crafted and designed to energize, but because the songwriting itself has made it so. The lyrics are extremely honest, personal and open with the listener in a respectable manner. “City Lights” easily leaves its mark from the beginning right up until the final downpour of color when that unforgettable effective hook kicks in. Cardiac Half adds brilliant dynamic, holds your interest further, and with that meandering verse, melody helps really create the ultimate peak for the final chorus. “City Lights” is a worthy radio hit and likely a track we’ll be hearing plenty of over the coming weeks and months.

“Blending together a call for a care-free spontaneity and celebration to live in the moment is backed with the promise of eternal, unconditional love for whatever is to come.”

Scroll down for our interview with Cardiac Half!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cardiac Half! Great to be able to chat with you, thanks for the interview! How did you both get started in the music industry and begin creating together? 

Well, we’re brothers, so we’ve been playing music together for a long, long time. We’re also several years apart, so we were both in different bands during our college years. After we graduated, we created Cardiac Half and played our first show under that name in the summer of 2016.

We love your new single “City Lights”! Tell us more about the sentiments behind the song? Do your lyrics generally focus on real-life experiences? 

Thanks! We love being on the road, especially driving through the city late at night when there’s not a ton of traffic. The lights are bright, the tunes are pumping, and it’s almost surreal. It’s even better when you have a friend or someone special you can share a moment like that with. Certainly, life experience plays a role in the writing process, but the truth is told, it’s always a little bit embellished. 

Your music always seems to light up the room and lift an audience up just when they need it! Was it your intention to be this kind of optimistic artist, or is it something that simply comes naturally for you?

A little bit of both you could say. Although lately the songs we’ve released are more on the darker side of pop. But when we’re playing live, we like to have fun and offer people hope in a broken world, you know, tell people about the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

How have you honed your songwriting style over time, and what do you think are the main qualities that make a song truly connect and last in the long-run?

The more you write, the better you become. So we try and write all the time, a lot of which is stuff that will probably never see the light of day. Each time we release a song that we feel is our best yet, we try and raise the bar in an effort to make the next one even better. Obviously, a memorable song needs a catchy hook, one that’s easy for people to remember and fun for people to sing along to. But relatability is key too. A song needs to move people, help them reminisce about past experiences, comfort them, etc.

Thanks for talking with us! What do you have planned in the near future? What are your next steps as a duo?

Thanks for having us! Well, we’re toying with the possibility of releasing either an EP or an LP sometime next year. We’ve got some really cool songs and other media in the works for 2020 and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.

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