City of Sound Releases Their New Single 'Odyssey'

With progressive lyrics and a huge amount of emotional dynamic contrast, City of Sound is bound to draw attention. These attributes shown in many of their tunes, I'm sure that the more ears it reaches, the more hearts it keeps. They speak truth, with peace and understanding. I can feel the empathy and leadership behind their words and vocals, with the instrumental composition adding to this with extreme dramatic contrast and slower tempos. This three piece, anthem-rock band from North Hollywood, CA, consist of Jordan Wright (vocals/piano), Andrew Leigh (guitar), and Lacey Nova (violin). City of Sound has been blessed with a small but dedicated fan base, and have been able to tour the east and west coasts throughout 2018. After finding success with the release of their demo-EP 'The Apartment Diaries', City of Sound decided to jump right back into the studio to work on their debut album. 'Silent Empire' will be releasing throughout the rest of the year, with hopes to expand on their current success. Their new single 'Odyssey', releases on August 17th on all streaming services has our attention. The song is uplifting from the moment you hit play. Their music comes as one in 'Odyssey' from the rhythm from the bands instruments, to the strong empowering vocals. You can certainly tell this is the song that City of Sound plans to breakthrough into the charts with. Listening to their older music, and then listening to their new single 'Odyssey', you can hear a substantial amount of growth and maturity in their music.

City of Sound is definitely a band to put on your playlist for a change. If you're feeling down about the world or yourself, just listen to a song...or two...or the whole album, and feel the words of strength and peace.

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