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CJ Pitts Releases a Breath of Fresh Air With "Mercy"

From the East Coast to Los Angeles, the multifaceted artist CJ Pitts releases an atmospheric R&B banger with his recent single, "Mercy." Taking the industry by storm through his latest singles, CJ Pitts is continuously attempting to make changes in the world through his platform and create passionate music for the greater good.

Especially through his recent hit "Mercy," CJ Pitts paints magnetic scenes through his descriptive and passionate lyricism, heating the atmosphere to this sweltering and sultry mood. The supporting production amplifies the atmosphere and serves superb R&B instrumentation through the delicate synth-work and mid-tempo drum patterns.

"Mercy" gracefully opens with distant organs and high-pitched ghost vocals, perfectly setting the mood for CJ Pitts to follow. As he begins describing sensual scenes full of passion and desire, CJ Pitts inevitably delivers chills up the listener's spine with his natural charm and alluring vocal performance. 

Through tightly-wound R&B drums accompanied by supporting snaps, the track's instrumentals continue to pulse with deep sub-bass and a kick straight to the gut. What brings the track out of this world is CJ Pitts' inviting vocals delivering a breath of fresh air, especially through his desirous lyricism.

It's without a doubt that CJ Pitts will leave a mark on his audience with the sultry single "Mercy," and we're incredibly eager for listeners to buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Hello CJ, we're delighted to have you back on BuzzMusic to talk about your recent hit, "Mercy." What inspired you to take this sultry R&B route and create a song exuding lust and desire?

Glad to be back and speaking the Buzz family once again so thank you for this platform. Ultimately this song was created from just trying new things and expanding my sound. A lot of people were asking me to try an R&B record and saying that’s a lane I could fit in so I decided to give it a shot. 

When beginning to create "Mercy," where did your creative process start? Did you write lyrics before planning the production's warm atmosphere?

I reached out to one of my producers for something R&B but smooth and he sent me this track and the words just instantly started to flow. The instrumentation definitely set the tone for where I wanted to take the song lyrically. 

How does "Mercy" differ from the rest of your discography? Is this desirous R&B sound something you've done before?

I’ve never done and R&B song before so that’s the biggest difference. I’ve always lived in the pop/ballad and Hip-hop world so this was a huge turn for me. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out being my first R&B record but I ended up loving it and now have more on the way. 

You've mentioned that you have some new projects to be announced. Do you plan on continuing down this warm R&B path, or might we hear some heated Hip Hop in the near future?

I want to keep switching up my sounds and merging styles as well so you’ll for sure be hearing more R&B along with Hip-hop and some Pop music in the near future as well. The goal is to be as well rounded as possible to be a feature for any opportunity that comes my way.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Honestly, the extra time has just been inspiring me to learn how to do things more on my own. I’ve always wanted to learn how to record myself and learn to engineer and now I’ve been having the time to do that so that’s been a blessing. It’s exciting when you learn new skills and I think that’s what’s been fueling me throughout this 2020. Also just having the time to create new content at a faster pace has been great as well. All that I have been learning and creating gives me hope for a prosperous 2021.



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