CJ Pitts Releases New Track “Rollin”

Initially from the East Coast but currently working out in sunny Los Angeles, CA where dream-chasers reside, comes multifaceted artist CJ Pitts. With a wide pool of inspirations and motivators, CJ engulfed himself into the roots of music in 2010. Not only is he a singer he’s also a songwriter, creating waves in the heart of Hip-Hop Music. CJ’s debut EP “Lost Identity” was his first project released back in 2016, and he has been using that momentum to continue to grow as an artist. His recent release “Rollin” featuring artist DiorDre correctly placed him as apart of the future of hip-hop music.

“Rollin” begins with the trendy hook “Oh yea we be rollin, Oh yea we be rollin, hopped up in the coupe, only driving foreigns.” the artist sings about the riches and exquisite lifestyle most rappers and superstars gets to live. Once the hook ends, CJ’s impeccable flow begins with his punchlines, witty bars and flow switch up. He surprises us and proves that he’s not just good for creating addicting hooks digestible for mainstream play, but he can also deliver a fire rap flow! DiorDre’s flow was also almost perfect, different from CJ’s fast paced tempo, DiorDre’s flow has this saucy and trendy flare to him which fits the plethora of contemporary rap that’s out today.

The unique part about the video released alongside the song would have to be towards the ending where CJ pops back into reality back to his day job wearing a hotdog costume and a sign in his hand, promoting the fast food chain newest sale on the streets! The comical and cheeky ending demonstrated the songwriting’s motive for me. It showed me that this is all CJ’s dream as an artist which is apart of his determination and hunger to succeed.

Hi CJ! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! My name is CJ Pitts and I’m a 27 year old musician from Bear, Delaware. I didn’t grow up

being involved with music hands on but, growing up in church, music was always around me. I

love all aspects of music but my most favorite part would have to be songwriting. It gives you

the freedom to express yourself and release your emotions on every spectrum. Outside of

music, I love playing sports and traveling is my biggest past time. The world is huge and my

biggest goal in life is to see as many places and experience as many cultures as I possibly can

with my time here on earth.

What inspired you to indulge in making music?

I started my musical journey during my first year of college at Delaware State University. I

found out I had a decent singing voice when my family (who is musical) asked me to be a part of

a record they were making. I was amazed that I had the gift and I had a desire to learn more

and try to develop this craft. I transferred to a music college in St Paul Minnesota and being

there changed my life. I found my true passion and began learning my instrument. While I was

there I saw how music moves people and how much influence it had on other lives and even my

own. I realized then that if I was ever able to make an impact or my mark on the world, this

would be the best platform for me to use.

Why did you choose LA to relocate to? Where are you originally from?

I lived in MN for 8 years and I grew in that scene but I felt like I needed different

opportunities which I felt were better and more obtainable in LA. There are so many

entertainment companies, professional musicians, managers, A&R’s, and other industry

executives that I felt I would have a greater chance of being recognized and my career taking


Who are some of your favorite artists that’s out right now? Who are you listening to?

I try to listen to a ton of music to stay well rounded when it comes to creating my own

material. Right now I think I’ve been listening to a lot Tory Lanez, Kyle, Allen Stone, Whatup RG,

Gawvi and Ella Mai. They all have different styles and sounds that feed my own soul.

How was the creation process for “Rollin”?

I was listening to a lot more Hip-hop and I wanted to create a record that was fun, catchy and

that could make a mark for my career. My producer friend sent me over some beats and I gravitated towards that record right away. I heard the melody in my head for the chorus and I

just kept repeating it and until words fell into place. After I had the chorus concept, I knew

exactly what I wanted the record to represent. My lyrics flowed easily once I had that

foundation set. The featured artist is a brother of mine whose younger and has a lot of

ambition. Him and I have similar mentalities when it comes to our vision musically and we vibe

well on and off records so I knew right away he would be the perfect fit to the song.

Can you tell us a bit about "Rollin" and the meaning behind it?

The meaning behind Rollin and actually quite a few of my records is to be the best you can be

and be confident. Believe in yourself that you have a future in whatever that may be and that

no matter what anyone says or does, they can’t stop you from achieving that greatness. So

Rollin is simply a declaration that we are unstoppable in this game and we believe in ourselves

no matter who thinks they can take this dream away from us, and we are going to let that

confidence be known.

Who are a few of your top musical influences that have help shape your career in the music industry?

I have a few influences that have kind of shaped my sound but 3 major role players I’d

say. The first probably being Chris Brown because growing up I always said I wanted to be like

him and always loved his music. His sound and his style always pulled me in and I thought it was

the coolest music. The next would be Andy Mineo who is my BIGGEST influence when it comes

to Rap and Hip-hop. Andy is an inspirational artist but his message is so powerful, positive and

authentic and I want my music to carry the same weight. He is one of the dopest artist in my

opinion and I think it’s awesome how real he keeps it on and off stage. The more I grow as an

artist I hope to carry that same level of authenticity. My last and huge influence as an overall

phenomenal artist is Jon Bellion. His creative process for music and how passionate he is just

motivates me to work harder and be just as passionate about what I’m creating. I also love the

fact that he creates everything himself and carries that same authentic mannerism. Him and

Andy Mineo are the artist I would love to work with the most one day.

What's next for you in 2019?

2019 is going to be an amazing year of hard work for me. I have tons of new songs in place to

be released as well as videos to help people connect more with the music. The goal is to get

some of these songs on the radio and draw as much exposure as I can to climb a little bit higher

up the ladder of this industry. Definitely hoping to make a mark this coming year and having a

great turn for the better with my career. Stay tuned for what’s to come! Thank you!

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