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CJ SOLID Releases Natural Flowing Track "Make A Way"

From Decatur, GA, rap artist CJ SOLID loves to write and record his thought process to relay it to listeners. His music has always featured that heavy rap flow, with almost a bustling feeling to the production, making for a catchy product. As an artist who always had a passion for music instilled in him, CJ SOLID has always been wanting to express his logic to others. Starting from a computer and recording at his place, CJ SOLID has come far within the music scene, hoping to advance his sound even further in the time to come.

CJ SOLID doesn't want to end off 2019 without a single release, and so we receive his offering of "Make A Way"! The track obsessively features raw elements from the vocal outflow of CJ SOLID. It's quite easy to observe that his vocalism is intended to come out with a natural and unrefined manner. It's this approach to his sound that makes CJ SOLID stand out apart from the regular rap sound we hear continuously nowadays in the scene. Along with the release of the track itself, CJ SOLID debuted a music video for "Make A Way", and it features CJ SOLID delivering his verses in an intimate way to his listening base. We know that CJ SOLID is dedicated to cultivating his sound even further in the time to come, and so we can expect newly integrated components to his 2020 sound!

Listen to "Make A Way" here, and watch the music video below.



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