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CJcrewlove Releases A Lush Vibe, “Mafia”

CJcrewlove is an artist who was born in a small town called Orillia, Ontario, just north of Toronto. As a young student, others may have described him as “Problematic” and segregated himself from the other kids. To pass time, CJcrewlove would write poetry, draw pictures, and listen to music but in more specific; 50 Cent. Up until then, he was living in a predominantly white town where hip-hop didn’t exist as much. At the age of 13, he moved to toronto and began highschool expecting a fresh new start. However, he quickly reached the realization that there was an educational gap between him and the other classmates. He felt as if he didn’t know the knowledge they knew, and the school system failed him. As a result, CJ lost interest in school and this led to him skipping class to completely focus on his writing. Once two friends recruited him to be apart of their rap group, he took them up on the offer and never looked back.

Today, CJcrewlove is quickly emerging as one of Toronto’s new faces to the music game. His music is a moody, but soulful mix of trap and soft rock. He released his single titled “Mafia” and it instantly began with a trap-soul introduction that reminded me of a Drake, The Weeknd, or Belly beat. “Mafia” is an atmospheric mood in which absorbs you and curates a different setting in your imagination. The melody is noticeable and even familiar, yet unique to CJcrewlove. This is why we loved “Mafia” so much because it had a strong mainstream appeal and it was fascinating to listen to this song as if I was listening to it on the radio. CJcrewlove has everything it takes to be the next big star in the game. The lush sound, swagger, and flow is all the correct ingredients needed to create a perfect hit maker! He knows what appeals to the generation and doesn’t shy away from who he is as an artist. He offers an authentic glance into his city’s glossy yet “edgy” nightlife. If you’re longing for more music from CJ, he’s currently working on his debut collection titled “Aquarius”.

Check out "Mafia" here! Read more with Cjcrewlove in our interview below.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your career so far and how did you overcome them?

One of my biggest challenges in my music career was finding my sound as an artist. In order to do that you need to really get to know yourself. Stop trying to be who you think other people want you to be and just be yourself, be original.

Tell us about your single “Mafia” and the meaning behind it!?

Mafias just my life, and most of the bad things I had to do in order to put myself in the position I'm in right now.

What inspired you to write and create “Mafia” ?

The inspiration from Mafia actually came from a video shoot I did a for a song called "OT." In the video everyone was all wearing suits so it felt like kind of a mafia vibe.

What can we expect from your upcoming project, “Aquarius” ? mind giving our readers a little anticipation!?

Aquarius is definitely going to go down in history. I put my heart and soul into it, the versatility is incredible, its definitely my best body of work hands down & I cant wait for the world to hear the album.


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