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cjvd Releases a New Trap-Soul Ballad “Nobody Else”

From Toronto, Canada, cjvd is an R&B and hip hop singer, songwriter, and creator. He discovered his musical passion in his elementary school choir, and eventually ended up writing his own music in his freshman year. With musical influences Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, and TAEYANG, cjvd is embracing aspects of Trapsoul, R&B, hip hop, dancehall, and pop influences to create a sound of his own. His new release “Nobody Else” brings a soulful and electric trap beat to an R&B style song.

“Nobody Else” begins with an electronic introduction that sets the song’s tranquil ambiance. cjvd has a crisp voice that shows us his romantic side, giving the song the “soul” portion of Trapsoul. With his piercing vocal bravado, cjvd will make listeners feel like he is singing right to them. Both the beat and background melody are low key and leave room for fans to focus on the alluring vocals. cjvd’s “Nobody Else” is a serenade for that special someone. The lyrics sing about how his girl stands apart from everyone else in the world and is truly the person for him. “Nobody Else” will immediately hit fans in the feels and have them yearning for someone to feel this way about them. With the lyrics and romantic tone of “Nobody Else,” cjvd provides an excellent example of what true love can really feel like.

Listen to "Nobody Else" here.

You told us that you have been inspired by artists like Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, and TAEYANG. Can you tell us what you have learned from these artists, and how you incorporate it into your music?

What I’ve learned from each of these artists include storytelling, having fun with creating music, and not letting my Asian/Filipino ethnicity be a drawback in Hip/Hop and R&B culture. Bryson Tiller has one of the best songwriters in R&B. He expresses his version of storytelling from “Exchange” to “Teach Me a Lesson”, by being vulnerable and accepting the listener to be a part of this journey. Chris Brown is one of the biggest R&B Pop Stars of my generation. What Chris does in particular in each song is having fun despite what his critics or haters say. He has experimented with different genres such as Pop, R&B, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, you name it. This encourages me to not confine myself in a box to what people expect of me, but instead be an individual and make music I want to make. I want to share my experiences in my life whether it was heartbreak, having fun with life, or striving for greatness. Taeyang, despite being a K-Pop artist different from what genre I consider myself to be a part of, has been influenced by R&B music. He has a big following around the world being part of Bigbang and his own individual music despite being of Asian descent. As an Asian-Canadian singer, songwriter, it is very encouraging for me and other Asian creatives around the world to showcase their talents.

Why did you choose to create your music under the name cjvd? What do the letters represent, and how does the name embody your brand as an artist?

I decided to create music under the name “cjvd” because it is the name that best represents me. As co-created by my friend PJ Palacpac (owner and creator of PRSNL Identity) Christopher is my first name and my middle name is Jhed. My friend thought jhed was spelled as in Jed so we decided c-j-v-d should be my name by implementing the letters of my first name and my middle name. The v in was replaced as a vowel for that e. Initially, this name was made just for my Snapchat username back in high school. I then decided to change all of my usernames on social media to cjvd and later decided it should be my artist name. This name embodies my brand as an artist by always staying true to myself, involving my close friends who ride with me and build something that I’ve created myself under the person I want to become.

You have been writing your own original songs since you were a freshman! How has your writing style evolved over time and become what it is today with “Nobody Else?”

My writing style has evolved since my freshman year from mostly rap to more R&B. Rap was the first introduction to songwriting as a hobby that nobody knew except my closest friends. As the years went on, I took what I’ve learned from rap such as rhyme schemes, flows, patterns, and integrated them into my music now. “Nobody Else” is an example of my growth as an artist and as a person, learning not to be afraid of being vulnerable or having emotions that most people would not agree on in Hip-Hop culture. I will continue to add to this ideal and make music that expresses myself and the way I want to do it.

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