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Clane Matthew Begs The Question “Who Am I?”

Clane Matthew, also known as Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo, is a Jamaican born indie hip-hop artist known for his prolific rhymes about real life. Now residing in Orlando, Florida, Clane Matthew has left his mark in the hip-hop industry, being previously described as “one of the most highly anticipated newcomers on the independent hip-hop scene of 2019” and we have to agree! Clane Matthew’s style of music represents the human struggle and controversial issues within our society.

“Who Am I?” is a truly emotive and brilliant track featured on Clane Matthew four track EP titled “Melancholic Therapy”. Clane Matthew stays truly authentic and vulnerable throughout “Who Am I?” and just like the title insists, he gives us a retrospective look inside of his thoughts. His flow and powerful performance come blasting through the speakers. Clane Matthew boasts effortless confidence as he recites bar and bar with precision and emotion. Clane Matthew strives to create music that brings knowledge, peace, awareness, unity and positivity to the world through his spectacular music and meaningful messages. Clane Matthew cares about his fans and listeners, he wants to connect with them by making music that can help them through tough times or inspire them to do better. Listen to "Who Am I" here!


Hi Clane Matthew! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you got started in music?

Well I’m a very charismatic, careful, cheerful, wacky and funny person. I love making those around me happy and joyful. I like fishing, traveling and exploring nature, and I’m very adventurous. I got started in music when I was ten in elementary where I realized I was musically inclined. I’ve always loved music but being from Jamaica and given my status, I wasn’t really capable to find that out at an earlier convenience. Throughout the years I’ve listened and studied many hip hop artists and tried my best to learn everything I can. Nowadays the hip hop scene has become so saturated with the same old sounds and same old themes that I just got tired of it. With that in mind I set out to educate, inform and inspire. Because these kids have no more role models, I believe it’s my duty to pick up that mantle and make a path for the future generation through music; and that’s where I officially claimed my self as an artist. 

How did you create your stage name?

So way back in high school when I was just starting out my stage name was L.B., which was basically my initials; then two years later it was Lance which was short for Lancelot. But under a year ago I found it: Clane Matthew. When I thought of it I instantly loved it. It was simple yet, intriguing, and that’s what I want my audience to feel. Claneis basically Lance scrambled, and Matthew means “gift of God” meaning that Clane Matthew is a gift from God to help the world be a better place. And through that I shall use my gift to draw everyone closer to knowledge and truth so they can be a better version of themselves. Also a perk of the name is that no one in the entire industry has it. You can search on google or bing or anywhere; once you type it in, I’m the only one that comes up, and I think that’s awesome! 

We love your track “Who Am I?”! Can you tell us a bit more about it/ the concept behind it?

Thanks I appreciate it! Um, Who Am I? serves as the conclusion to the Melancholic Therapy EP.  It’s a song that reveals to the listener the elements that made Clane Matthew. The EP was basically a self therapy for me where I put out all my feelings and emotions of my past so I can become a better me, as you can tell by the other songs on the EP. I particularly love Who Am I? because it represents the version of me that his healed and set free from my past. Who Am I? serves as the conclusion that I made: that now that I’m free from all this pain, I’m gonna be the person who will set others free from the pain they are experiencing . It’s a conclusion set in stone that, because of this EP, I’m going to be the one to help others make a better life; as said in the song

“I’m sick of this shit

With the flick of the wrist

Imma fix this shit 

And flip the script,

With this EP

Imma make sure no kid

Ever feels like this”

Who are your top three biggest musical influences?

My top three musical influences are Kendrick Lamar, J Cole and Childish Gambino. They’ve always been a big influence in my musical career. Their lyricism and word play is unmatched, and I see them as role models. I have all their songs downloaded on my phone. Their flow and attitudes on their tracks are admirable, and I’d love to work with them one day. 

How have you grown as an artist compared to when you first started writing/ performing?

I would say I’ve grown a lot. In the beginning I was sensitive to criticism when it came to my art. I would take everything to heart and I would ponder on it. Now that I’ve been through so much over the years I’ve matured. I’ve realized that not everyone is gonna like my music, and not everyone is gonna agree with what I have to say in my music. I came to the conclusion that difference and individuality is something to be admired. Being true to myself is what kept me in the game for so long. And I am proud of what I’ve accomplished. It’s hard to be a conscious rapper cause everyone is looking for the next banger, but that’s not what I’m about. I’m here to spread knowledge and if it’s gonna take getting through the wrong crowd first to get to the right crowd then I’m all for it. The right ears will hear, and they will be thankful for what I’m doing. 


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