Classic Meets Contemporary With WVLNTH's New Song "Tonight"

Los Angeles based WVLNTH is a unique blend of rock, funk, soul, hip-hop and R&B! The release of their single “Tonight” is a groovy party anthem we can play at our family gatherings or any upcoming celebration! The vibrant single exudes the love shared between you and a moment or you and a person. I love the fused genres of music coming together to create such a memorable vibe. The diversity level is balanced from subdued to extravagant which adds a nice complexed texture to a song that you may find simplistic. If listening to “Tonight” doesn’t evoke you to get up, move your shoulders, sway your hips and enjoy your time then you’re listening to it all wrong! It has charisma so bold it’s almost abrasive!

The band brings together different instruments and various vocals meshed together to fabricate a musical commemoration! My personal favorite feature noticeable in “Tonight” would have to be the soul-pop dance tune. I like how it promotes positive feelings within your body. A great song to energize us and add to our party bopping playlists!

Stream "Tonight' here and check out our interview with the band below!

Mind introducing yourself for our readers?

Matthew Parham (aka Slim da Reazon) is a songwriter, lyricist, and rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio now based out of Los Angeles. Geramie Laufersky is a songwriter, producer, and guitarist who works with multiple musicians helping them fine tune recordings as well as work on his own solo project, Jeremiah Sole (from Florida). Lucas Crouch is a songwriter, drummer, percussionist from Ohio who came from jazz background and now plays drums anywhere he can. Ian Murray on bass, is a Berkeley grad, from Seattle, Washington who helps in the songwriting process and shreds on the bass. 

How did the band form? Where did you meet?
Geramie (guitar) and Ian (bass) and Lucas (Drums) had played together previously in a blues rock group called The Proof. They broke off to start something with a bit more groove. It was then that they met Matt who filled a huge void when it came to writing lyrics and rapping on a few verses. Matt was brought in to rap over a groove we had created and we all clicked and started collaborating together.
As a band, who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Red Hot Chile Peppers, Toro y Moi, James Brown, Bill Withers, Daft Punk, Steely Dan, Quincy Jones, the Roots, etc. 

What's the best thing about creating music together as a collective?
When we get in a room together we all vibe really well. It seems that song ideas just pour out. Typically we will build a song instrumentally and then bring in the vocals at a later time. It’s really fun then to bring these idea into Geramie’s home studio and build the songs throughout the recording process. 
What emotion would you guys say your music brings to your fans and why?
This will really depend on the track. The first too are groovy and make you want to dance and feel good about life, while some of the others are a bit more amped up and in your face. We see the music going more toward our tracks Tonight and Collide which are in that feel good vibration.
  What’s the long-term goal for you guys?

We hope to keep writing and creating music and collaborating with as many artist as possible. Currently we are looking for a more permanent singer that can contribute in the writing process. Ideally we would love to be able to build our fan base enough to survive off touring and licensing deals…but isn’t that what we all want to do? :)

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