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Claudio Ferrone Debuts His Unforgettable Experience, “Ya Trippen”

Claudio Ferrone is an Italian and Canadian DJ and producer who fuses together the mix of house and techno sounds. He has over 20 years of experience with moving together crowds and is no stranger to the spotlight. A classically trained pianist, and Jazz trumpet player, he knows how to connect with his audience using a flirtatious technique that’s natural to his personality. Passionately spinning and blending together the styles while flashing a devious smile is the way he charms his listeners.

Claudio Ferrone debuts his new single titled “Ya Trippen” and it begins with an immediate dubstep introduction that’s noticeable from the rapid pace kick bass in the beginning. “Ya Trippen” has you already head bopping, fist pumping, and shoulders moving to the club like atmosphere he creates in the music. Without lyrics and vocals, Claudio Ferrone still manages to give his listener the ultimate experience with “Ya Trippen”. It’s like the more you listen to it the more hypnotized you become with the song. You find yourself lost within the rhythm and it’s an unforgettable natural high you can’t help but to love! “Ya trippen” is a trailblazing expansion that takes you through the rhythmic notions of each kick, bass, and transition. He smoothly connects the changeover where it’s rarely noticeable yet you hear it and feel it. “Ya trippen” becomes badass around the 3 minute measure, after listening to the vocalist muffled words, the beat drops and the experience becomes even more powerful. Within 8 minutes Claudio takes you on a multi colorful journey that leaves you fulfilling for more. “Ya trippen” is a record that is absolutely perfect to have the party functioned!

Give a listen to "Ya Trippen" here, and scroll below for Claudio's interview with BuzzMusic!

How challenging was it for you to master the art of DJing Claudio? Describe an instance where you faced an obstacle with DJing and overcame your way around it!

Oh wow! It was really tough for a long time! My first attempt at DJing was using belt-driven turntables with an analog 2 channel mixer over 20 years ago. It took years of playing different music styles (from Hip/Hop to House music and everything in between) to get a feel for my own individual style and sound.  One major obstacle to my DJing was transitioning to modern era equipment. I was resolute in my loyalty to my vinyl but I wanted to expand out of my confort zone to try new things. I was forced to purchase new gear a few years ago - Traktor S4 and my world completely changed! I set myself to the task of learning the new digital equipment, how to sample, remix live and apply effects in ways I had only imagined!

Describe the perfect environment for you where you produce your best work?

The perfect environment for me is at night - I really like the calmness that it brings. Whether it is rainy, snowy or calm, the night brings me a sense of calm and focus. Like the song said “you know I feel better... at night!"

How do you manage to make your next record sound different from the previous?

I like to break things up by practising remixing other styles. By introducing a completely different genre, it challenges my thought and instincts to think differently, allowing me to go back fresh to the songs that I like.

Tell us about “Ya Trippen” and the overall theme for the beat?

Ya Trippin’ is a track that I was casually working on when I was approached by the A/R rep from Opium Muzik Christine Cannistraci (who was asking me my  Dawn’s EP  - Dawn’s Dub and Dawn’s First Time). I was trying to capture a song that when people heard it, it would make them think of Ibiza. The driving baseline with the vocal samples that cut just before the base drop.  She liked the Dawn’s EP and asked me to consider them for future tracks. I told her about this song and said that I could send it her way. She listened, passed it along to the Label execs and they signed it shortly thereafter.

What’s next for you this summer?

This summer will feature the release of another EP called “the Groove EP” May 24 on Stereophonic Records. I will be taking off to Europe in May to network and promote this EP with a stop in Ibiza for the International Music Conference and opening parties.  I plan on releasing more tracks this year and building my brand up. DJing and Producing music has been a dream of mine which I am determined to make a reality.


Connect with Claudio via the artists website and socials:


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