Clay Melton Melts Hearts With “Body Map”

Known for his energetic live performances, Clay Melton is a guitar driven/rock pop artist whose making all the correct waves in the music industry. His debut album titled “Burn The Ships” charted number 5 on the billboard heat-seekers chart in 2018. His most recent release “Body Map” explores the pop side to Clay Melton more in depth. “Body Map” immediately begins with a vibe, the guitar strings and fx sounds sets the tone for the song from the start. Clay’s raspy , low toned voice smoothly transitions in.

The song isn’t so chaotic or bashful. It’s relaxed, subtle, and easy-going. I love pop music like that. It still has the ability to become a mainstream hit however, it doesn’t have to go extravagant measures to necessarily be extravagant! Clay naturally creates a track that has augmented elements fused into a laid-back and more delicate pop hit! The lyrics are lovable. “Body Map” is the type of song where people are prone to sing a long due to the natural appealing characteristic it has. No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or what’s on your mind, you’re bound to enjoy “Body Map” and vibe out the instance you hear the first chord progression and the melodic vocals by Clay Melton, melting everyone’s hearts!

Listen to "Body Map" here and get to know Clay Melton in our interview below!

Hi Clay, Mind introducing yourself our readers?

I’m a songwriter, guitar player and singer based in Houston, Texas originally from Louisiana. I’m 24 and making music has been my passion since I was a kid. I lead a 3 piece band with my friends, Zach Grindle (drums) and Raymon Minton (bass, synth). I’ve always enjoyed writing a song and seeing where it ends up going, especially when I get to bring it to the band. When I’m not performing or recording new music I love to read. I’m a sucker for a good detective novel. I’ve been on a huge Tana French kick, James Lee Burke is another favorite.

What’s your favorite part about performing live? Do you have any pre-show techniques that get you ready to be on stage?

Though we perform songs arranged to the recorded version we always leave certain sections of songs to be improvisational and those are the magical moments in my opinion. The sincerity that goes into making a moment in music count through improvisational expression is what’s always had me hooked on performing live.

What is the difference between recording a track and performing it for you? Which do you personally prefer? Studio recording or live performances!?

Live performance has always had my heart and really got me so into becoming a professional artist. Initially growing up and playing in bands, practicing in friends garages or where ever we could, it was all so we could get together enough to be ready to perform somewhere. I also have a different kind of love for studio work. Taking an idea and transforming it from a voice memo on my phone to a sonic experience that I can share with people is something I truly love to do. I always look at recordings for myself (and other artists I admire) as snapshots of where they are or where that song is in that moment. Some artist spend years creating an album and though I’ve definitely nursed songs for long periods of time until I felt like I had the right arrangement, melody, etc for the idea, I like the idea that a recorded version never has to be the end of a songs journey and that it can continue to grow and change in a live performance environment.

What’s special about “Body Map” in comparison to your previous releases?

“Body Map” is definitely a sonic departure from where I was with my first full length before it, ‘Burn the Ships’. It has a more pop influenced arrangement and sonically an overall “cleaner” approach to the tones we recorded. While ‘Burn the Ships’ was definitely more of rock leaning sound with often fuzzy or distorted guitars. When we recorded “Body Map" at White Room Studios in Austin, TX with our good friend Sebastian Cure, I definitely felt a different energy around what we were making, it felt fresh and it felt right.

Knowing that 2018 is coming to a close, do you feel like you’ve accomplished your goals you mentally set for yourself in the beginning of the year?

I feel on top of things, I was able to perform a lot in the beginning of the year, then the band toured during the summer. I’ve felt creative in new ways and am proud to have put out “Body Map”and the video we recorded with Brandon Bond Films ( @bbondfilms ) and Raw Banana ( @veryrawbanana ). We just got done recording quite a handful of new tunes we’ll be dropping in 2019 and I’m VERY excited to share them with everyone!

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