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Cleo Alexandra Laments The Pitfalls Of Lust And Temptation In “Taken By Desire”

The Australian model turned singer-songwriter hauntingly laments the loss of a partner who has given in to lust.

Every once in a while, Aussie rock-n-roll has graced us with acts that can only be described as transcendent and genius. Acts like AC/DC, Rick Springfield, Tame Impala, and Tash Sultana set the bar and stage for successive generations of talented Aussie artists, all striving to establish themselves in a competitive environment.

Cleo Alexandra has quickly established herself within this environment as an act to watch for the future. With a burning drive to succeed and a penchant for adding touches of realism, grit, and flair to the classics, the former Miss Australia turned singer-songwriter will be someone you want to keep tabs on.

A keen student turned occasional collaborator to some of the Aussie greats, she released her self-titled debut album "Cleo Alexandra," reimagining classic Aussie hits and showing off her signature flair. The album even featured a cameo from Rick Springfield on reimagining Men Down Under's "Who Can It Be Now," showing Alexandra's ability to attract and generate star power. Supported by 6-time grammy winning producer Keith Olsen and J.J. Faris, the sky is seemingly the limit for this bright Australian talent.

Cleo Alexandra's new single "Taken By Desire" showcases her versatility as she wades into new melodic territory. Over fiendishly spooky instrumentals, Alexandra's haunting vocals construct a soundscape of vengeful angst. As she sings and laments the anguish she faces as a result of her unfaithful lover ("I realize that somehow I've been so blind / "How long have you been tricking me?"), the visuals of "Taken By Desire" juxtapose desire with rage. Alexandra rolls in anticipation in her bed, only to be yanked back to a dark alley of despair. Spooky.

Cleo Alexandra's "Taken By Desire" is a powerful tribute to the angst and anguish of infidelity and relationships. If you're in the ruts of relationship woes, know you're not alone—and let Cleo Alexandra be the microphone to your fury. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream Cleo Alexandra's "Taken By Desire," available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cleo Alexandra! We loved “Taken By Desire;” your vocals, the instrumentals, the music video, everything came together so well! We think you pulled off the haunting vibe well. We have to ask, how did you create the inspiration for this song? You're too kind! Haha, thanks so much! "Taken By Desire" is inspired by specific moments of deceit in a relationship. That moment countless people have experienced when they catch their partner red-handed, doing things they swore they would never do to them. In an instant, you are confronted with their lack of integrity and the undeniable fact - they have been lying all along; you've been played. The chorus climaxes to express your disappointment when this realization hits you, and their disrespect for you is staring you straight in the eyes. You can no longer deny the facts. The man you thought you could trust, who you wanted to believe, was different from all the rest - turns out to be just the same as all the others. He’s a dime a dozen, a common player, just another man taken by desire—time to let him go.

Along with the accompanying music video, the song explores the emotions and confusion that hit when faced with this heartbreaking reality. The video’s gritty imagery and grunge/punk rock-inspired black-and-white theme bring the emotions to life. We captured the raw energy expressed in the song, and I'm blown away by the result. Anyone who has experienced this all too common pain will find a fabulous, cathartic release screaming at the top of their lungs to my new single "Taken By Desire."

What was your favorite part about bringing the music video to life and matching it with your vision for “Taken By Desire”?

The collaboration aspect of making this particular music video was a first for me and my favorite part. We were lucky to film the interior shots at the Stellar Entertainment Music Studios in Sydney, Australia. Renowned music producer and engineer Jimbo Barton (Eric Clapton, Men At Work, Matchbox 20) organized these interior shots. They even bought his guitar, which was once played by Marilyn Manson, to feature in the video. The night before filming, the director and videographer Harrison Woodhead scoured the streets of Sydney to find the best place for the exterior shots. The grungy alleyway was located in Newtown, Sydney, and was the cherry on top of the filming. On the day of the shoot, Harrison did not disappoint. His guidance and ideas carried us through and helped bring the gritty emotion of the song to life! It was a great experience and one I will never forget!

So you have a huge respect for some of the Aussie greats who have come before you. Who’s your favorite Aussie rock n roll artist, and what’s your favorite part about the music scene there?

Growing up in Australia, I listened to many Aussie rock bands like AC/DC, INXS, Silverchair, and Men At Work, and that’s where my love for rock music started! My favorite Aussie band is impossible to pick, but Wolfmother and Silverchair are up there. This has greatly impacted my sound as the rock influence has been ever present since day one. My favorite part about the music scene here is the supportive nature of my fellow musicians and performers. We all want to see everyone succeed and don't see each other as competition, which can be a huge plus help when times get rough!

Who would you like to collab the most within the next year and why?

Damn, that's a big one! I would say I'd love to collaborate with the band Maneskin. Their hard-hitting vibe, catchy songwriting, and grungy edge are right up my alley! In an ideal world, collaborating with them would be my dream! What’s next for Cleo Alexandra? Do you have any big plans for 2023?

My next project is currently in the works and will combine many Aussie icons into one. My reimagining of Australian band Men At Work's hit "Who Can It Be Now" will feature vocals from Australian rock legend Rick Springfield and add a hard rock edge. Accompanied by a horror-inspired video, it’s one you will not want to miss!


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