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Clerel Paints A Musical Masterpiece With New EP, "Kaleidoscope"

From the vibrant streets of Montreal, soulful singer-songwriter and recording artist Clerel unveils his latest 5-track EP, Kaleidoscope.

The Cameroon-born singer-songwriter has captivated audiences with his smooth falsetto and heartfelt lyrics for over five years. Blending his roots with a deep love for soul music, Clerel creates songs that touch listeners profoundly.

In Kaleidoscope, Clerel offers a five-track exploration of human connections and emotions that anyone can appreciate. Each song represents something unique, and unveiling the musical mastery step by step was truly exhilarating.

The EP opens like a breath of fresh air with the intro track, "Rainbow." Kicking off with Clarel's silky smooth vocals, it leads to a funky alternative atmosphere that instantly lifts the mood. On the hook, Clarel lifts us into the "Rainbow" of love and expands on the magical sensations of falling head over heels for someone. It's an immersive, dreamy listening experience that sets the tone for the tracks to follow.

Jumping into track two, "Lemon Water"  ft. Zach Zoya, we're met with gentle brass in the background, interrupted by sweet-sounding guitar licks and a mysterious R&B-drenched beat. This song is incredibly easy to listen to—subtly groovy and heavily atmospheric, showcasing Clarel's knack for creating incredibly dynamic, rhythm-heavy tunes. Zach Zoya's smooth and catchy verse is the cherry on top.

Landing on the EP's midway point with track three, "23 SPECIAL," Clerel ramps up the jazzy atmosphere with chilling instrumentation alongside his compelling, poetic lyrics, which quickly transition into a full-blown tropical groove. The sweet bass licks paired with the gentle saxophone make this song irresistible, not to mention Clerel's attention-commanding performance, showcasing all the wit, passion, and honesty we can ask for.

In the EP's fourth track, "SUGAR LINE," Clerel slows things down with a soothing, jazzy intro to sweeten things up. The downtempo drums and velvety guitars create a dreamy soundscape while Clerel's vocals float overtop to bring home the show. It's definitely the 'sweetest' song on the project, but also the dreamiest, as Clerel paints all sorts of vivid pictures in the listener's mind of electrifying love that takes you high above the shoreline.

Reaching the EP's fifth and outro track, "KALEIDOSCOPE DREAMS," Clerel wastes no time infusing his signature funky sound into this stunning tune. As he rains down all the soul and passion he can muster, the song gently transitions into the freeing hook, where Clerel asks how he can possibly let go of someone so special. It's a beautiful, comprehensive outro track that perfectly encapsulates the best features of the entire project.

Experience the vibrant world of Clerel's new EP, Kaleidoscope, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Clerel! We love the rich sounds and emotions of your new EP, Kaleidoscope. What inspired you to create such a diverse project? 

The inspiration for Kaleidoscope came from living life the last few years. The diverse experiences and connections I've made. Touring different parts of the world, meeting various artists, and exploring new genres all influenced the sound and feel of this EP.  

I wanted to capture the range of emotions I've felt—from joy and love to anxiety and introspection—and present them in a way that feels cohesive yet varied, much like the changing patterns of a kaleidoscope. 

How does collaborating with different artists influence your creative process, particularly with Zack Zoya and others in Kaleidoscope?

Collaborating with different artists is about giving a new energy and perspective to my music… Zach brought a zest to "Lemon Water" that really made the song click. Each collaboration challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new styles and techniques; this is also true of collaborating with producers and musicians. The process of mutual influence is an integral part of my growth as a creative.

Can you tell us about the meaning behind the EP's title, Kaleidoscope? What does it represent?

The title Kaleidoscope represents the multifaceted nature of human emotions and experiences. Just as a kaleidoscope creates beautiful, ever-changing patterns from different shapes and colors, this EP explores a variety of feelings and moments from my life. It symbolizes how our emotions and experiences, though diverse and sometimes contrasting, come together to form a unique and vibrant whole.

Which track on the Kaleidoscope EP was the most challenging to create, and why? 

"23 Special" was the most challenging track to create. It started as a simple voice and guitar demo, but evolved through numerous stages of production and collaboration. The process involved collecting contributions from various musicians, reworking sections, and finding the right balance between organic and electronic sounds. The challenge was to make sure each element felt intentional and cohesive while preserving the song's emotional core.

That said, it was also the most fun to make!

What do you hope listeners take away and experience with "Kaleidoscope" as a whole? 

On a physical level, I want the music to feel good and to be listened to. I believe that’s what music is really for, and that was a primary focus while working on the project.

I hope listeners feel a sense of connection and understanding when they listen to Kaleidoscope. The EP is meant to uplift and remind people that they're not alone in their struggles or their joys. I want it to inspire positivity, self-love, and resilience.

Ultimately, I hope it provides a comforting and enriching experience, making listeners feel seen and understood and encouraging them to embrace the beauty in their own kaleidoscope of emotions.


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