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Clerel Wants To Fall Deep Into A New Romance On “Lemon Water”

What if we forget our worries momentarily and just let ourselves feel?

Having burst onto the scene with electrifying releases like “Blackstone,” “Le Tour,” and “QTV,” singer and songwriter Clerel has long seemed marked for bigger things.

Having grown up in Doula, Cameroon, before moving to Ohio in his teens, Clerel would eventually settle in Montreal, Canada, making his stage debut and instantly impressing audiences. With his wealth of experiences and influences, Clerel has become a master of fusing competing influences in harmonious ways, skillfully blending them like colors on a master painter’s palette.

Having grown up listening and grooving to everything from French variété to church hymns on his parents’ stereo, Clerel’s love for music started at an early age. After a fateful visit to the famous Stax Records Museum of American Soul, Clerel would artistically awaken and find his voice, immediately channeling it upon his move to Montreal.

With his debut EP “Songs from Under a Guava Tree” receiving immediate acclaim upon its release in 2019, Clerel would generate incredible momentum for himself and hasn’t looked back since. Now gearing up for another round of fresh releases, we can’t wait to see what Clerel has in store for us next.

Clerel’s latest release, “Lemon Water,” is a smooth, silky offering that will immediately get you into the groove. The instrumental performance is flawless, feeling at times ethereal and dreamy and other times more in your face, but always groovy.

Featured artist Zach Zoya puts in a fantastic performance verse, but make no mistake; Clerel’s vocals still steal the show. Clerel’s soulful influences are on full display here, but he’s found a way to own it and make this sound his, one dreamy vocal at a time.

Clerel’s latest release, “Lemon Water,” sees the talented artist try not to drift too far out of control, staying grounded to who he is in the pursuit of love.

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