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Codi Dillon Announces His Forthcoming Single, "Killer BabyDoll"

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, singer-songwriter, producer, and recording artist Codi Dillon announces the release of his exciting forthcoming single, "Killer BabyDoll."

The 23-year-old performer strives to bring out the "freaks" of society and encourage them to express themselves unapologetically. Bringing us into the future of pop music with each release, Codi Dillon's sound stands out from others through his highly contemporary approach to pop production, along with his unique and exciting vocal delivery.

On the way to stardom by way of punchy releases like "Killer BabyDoll," Codi Dillon recently announced the single's release while preparing his audience for a thrilling and exciting venture. After our private listening experience, "Killer BabyDoll" struck us with immense power and rhythm as Codi Dillon grooves his way through the song's crisp hip-hop/pop production while turning heads with his well-rounded bars and melodic vocals.

Prepare your ears for Codi Dillon's forthcoming single, "Killer BabyDoll," available on all digital streaming platforms on October 1st.

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