Collision Course Fuels Our Fire in a Hot New Single, "What's My Name?"

The explosive Canadian 4-piece rock band Collision Course crashes our speakers with their latest anthemic and hard-hitting single entitled "What's My Name"?

As the pandemic took its toll on countless artists and acts across the globe during 2020, Collision Course found themselves without a rehearsal space amid the creation of their debut album. As eager as ever to release the project, Collision Course is well on their way to broadening their fanbase with the release of their forthcoming works.

Recently releasing their latest dynamic and high-energy single, "What's My Name?," listeners are able to reacquaint themselves with the blazing rock band who never fails to leave their audience feeling exhilarated. When speaking on the single, lead singer and frontman Anton Schindler had this to say, "What's My Name? was the first song I wrote under Collision Course; it was the first time I realized that making music could be used as a positive outlet. This song really made me want to push things to the next level. ”

Beginning our venture into "What's My Name?," the track kicks off with a powerhouse instrumental introduction that quickly drops into the first verse. As Josh Ertman's thumping drum breaks crash through our speakers alongside Daniel Prince's heavy bass licks, Anton Schindler makes his radiant vocal appearance and sets the song's energetic and lustful tone.

As the band jumps into the high-energy hook, Brad Masciotra's invigorating guitar stylings wail through our speakers without a dull moment. We must note Collision Course's cohesive instrumental chemistry; each member's solo contribution not only works off each other but relies on each other to produce the utmost energy and sonic passion, which emphasizes their stimulating sonic vision.

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