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Come Together With Alise Ashby's Emotional Single, "I Will Carry You (feat. Gabriela Martina)"

The Award-winning British-born Composer, Producer, and Songwriter Alise Ashby releases her long-awaited emotional piece, "I Will Carry You (feat. Gabriela Martina)."

Also known as 'the melody master,' Alise Ashby is truly an artist of versatility as her music touches on sounds like Jazz, New Age, Orchestral instrumentals, Pop, and Rock. Always coming through with powerful lyrical messages that serve hope and inspiration to the listener, we're eager to introduce Ashby's latest single that moves mountains.

Through her latest release, "I Will Carry You," Gabriela Martina sings a heartbreaking tale of losing a loved one while sitting in the situation's heartache. Although this song was created in 2006 for Ashby's friend who lost his wife, she felt the piece was needed now more than ever as loved ones have been lost everywhere due to the ongoing pandemic.

"I Will Carry You" opens with soft piano melodies that set the song's emotional and heartfelt atmosphere. As Gabriela Martina takes our breath away with her soothing vocals, her lyrical message stands out as clear as day. As she continues to sing of the memories, she held with someone dear, Gabriela Martina shifts into the chorus where she promises to carry someone by her side for the rest of eternity. As the second verse begins, the song's instrumentals slowly expand with help from a soft string section, warm brass, down-tempo percussion, and the same heartfelt piano melody. We honestly couldn't have asked for a more meaningful and hopeful song that goes perfectly with the times at hand, as we can't physically be with our loved ones either, yet not to the extent, Gabriela Martina sings.

Alise Ashby has captured the utmost heart and emotion within her tender single, "I Will Carry You." Through each captivating instrumental and emotional lyric, Alise Ashby has painted delicate pictures for anyone to relate with.

Why did you choose to release your song "I Will Carry You (feat. Gabriela Martina)" now, even though it was written in 2006?

I chose to release the song now due to the unprecedented loss of life worldwide from the pandemic. Experiencing the loss of a loved one is a part of the human condition that wrenches at our very core, yet has no path of avoidance for any of us. It is dedicated to all those who have lost loved ones to the pandemic this year and yet speaks to everyone and anyone who has lost a loved one at any time in their life. This holiday season, thousands will be trying to cope with their loss. I only hope this song may bring comfort.

Could you take us back to the writing process for your single "I Will Carry You (feat. Gabriela Martina)?" Was it difficult to write about such a tragic topic of loss?

I wrote this song for a dear friend who lost his wife in 2006. I felt his pain and sadness and was inspired to write a song for him in the hope it would soothe him. Within meditation and contemplation, I was guided to sit down at my piano. The words the music just poured out. The process was so organic, so inflow. From my recollection, it only took a couple of hours to complete… of those magic moments of ‘being in the zone’! Your single "I Will Carry You (feat. Gabriela Martina)" is timeless, especially through your organic instrumentals. Did you have any sonic inspirations from other artists that helped you form the instrumentals for this single?

Yes, I believe so! Growing up in England, I was surrounded by the timeless and classic sounds of contemporary pop music with, The Beatles, Carpenters, Simon & Garfunkel, Elton John, to name a few - the classical greats, including Mahler, Lizst & Wagner, as well as a tremendous amount of musical theatre in London’s West End, particularly Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice’s hits. With this combined exposure, I fell in love with melody and orchestral arrangements. I devoured it. Additionally, it is my intent to write a full orchestral arrangement in the line of James Horner & Will Jennings's hit, ‘My Heart Will Go On,” …... another inspiration. Seeing as your song "I Will Carry You (feat. Gabriela Martina)" was created in 2006, can you notice any change within your music over time? Or have you managed to stick with your sound over the years?

Yes, I do notice changes. Whilst the essence of my sound remains, just as each of us is here to evolve, as a composer and songwriter dedicated to one’s craft, the intent is to always be evolving, getting better. When I was younger I hoped my music would hit mainstream much earlier in my career. Now looking back, I am grateful it didn’t as I know that without experiencing life’s many challenges, my work would not have the depth it has now. It wouldn’t connect and touch people as well as it does now. What kept you inspired while you were creating music this year?

I am a strong believer that each of us is given a unique gift to offer to the world. For me, it is expressing through the powerful vibration of music. I love what I do and I am passionate about being of service through the sharing of my work. Everything I create comes from a place of making a difference. As my quote on my website says: “It is my passionate intention to bring joy, reinforce hope, and help raise the collective vibration for positive global change. Having been composing my whole life, through a handful of amazing synchronicities, a number of highly talented performers have become a part of my music tribe and have contributed their talents to this song. Beautiful Swiss-born Gabriela Martina’ with her soulful voice. Sweet Dave Mattacks, a comrade Brit on drums, who has played or recorded with many of my idols, (Paul McCartney, Elton John, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Chris Rea), and Dave Clark, Berklee Bass Professor and one of Boston’s most sought after jazz bassists. I am both grateful and humbled for the excitement and support from them all. I always feel exhilarated when I am in the creative zone as I begin with an empty canvas,….be it for a song or instrumental. The melody takes on a life of its own as it takes its place in the spotlight, complimented by orchestral harmonies as I weave my musical tapestry. It’s a process of creating a conversation between the instruments. This is the second of 6 songs being released as singles. The other 4 are in production with my tribe for release in 2021!


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