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Come Together with Lawn's Reminiscent Single, "Handling It"

From Cleveland to Nashville, the merciless singer-songwriter and alt-pop artist Lawn releases a powerful and heavily relatable single entitled "Handling It."

A once-in-a-generation type artist and singer-songwriter, Lawn pushes her innate spirit and undeniable resilience in each track she releases. One can hear Lawn's enviable vulnerability through songs like "For You Mom," in honor of her late mother, greatest fan, and fiercest challenger, Loretta.

Kicking off 2021 with the release of another powerful and lyrically-heavy single, "Handling It," Lawn created this single hoping that listeners who weren't able to make it home this year would relate. While grooving alongside the punchy and fluid pop production/instrumentation, Lawn offers various elements that easily resonate with listeners anywhere.

Jumping into "Handling It," the song opens with a soothing electric guitar soaked in reverb alongside Lawn's melodic and soft vocal stylings. While singing of missing events, her mother, and her friends, we can hear each vulnerable and heavy emotion pour through Lawn's moving vocal delivery. Moving towards the hook, a crisp bassline and warm pop drums flow through the song and make it all the sweeter.

We adore the song's introspective and reminiscent atmosphere, primarily through the sonics and their minor to major shifts and Lawn's tender vocal portrayal. Reaching the end of the song, Lawn offers an incredibly delicate acapella where her layered harmonies sing the sweetest and most heartfelt melodies.

Treat your ears with Lawn's relatable and groovy single, "Handling It," and allow your heart to grow fonder of those you miss with help from Lawn's vulnerable lyricism and performance.

We adore the vulnerability and emotion you've delivered through your recent single, "Handling It." What sparked the inspiration for this single?

Thank you! “Handling It” began as a rather sad song, written on guitar in my bedroom while I was struggling mentally from leaving my friends for a big city to chase the songwriting career as well as start over with a new slate. When the pandemic hit, it became that much clearer that coming home was less likely every day. People would ask “how are you,” and my honest response was “I’m handling it”. Coming home, for a lot of people, feels comforting. For others, it’s more painful. But for most, I believe it’s a little bit of both..and that’s what I hope this song conveys.

Did you work with any musicians or producers when formulating the fluid and groovy pop instrumentals for "Handling It?"

I did! My producer/engineer (Sam Falle) actually helped me out a lot in the changes for “Handling It.” Starting off as a slow, sad acoustic turn and developed into a groovy sound with some bass and electricity. At first, I was turned off by it as it didn’t fit my original idea and I worried that the message would get lost but now, seeing the response to the song already, I’m grateful for the changes because I don’t think "Handling It" would be what it is today without Sam's expertise.

Seeing as your lyricism within "Handling It" is incredibly vulnerable and emotional, would you say that you're comfortable and familiar with writing such personal lyricism? Did you face any challenges when writing your thoughts on paper?

When I started writing, I pledged to stay honest. And that meant agreeing to vulnerability while reading my diary aloud to the world. But I was soon faced with a decision: would I rather be naked in front of a crowd of 10 people and have my words be honest, or be glamorous in a crowd of 100s who think I’m something that I’m not. I chose the latter. I want my listeners to feel like they know me and I think that’s carried into my personality and the way I live my life; and maybe it isn’t everyone’s thing, maybe you don’t want to party to my songs but it’s me and it’s real and I have no issues with people knowing that because the friend you claim is “the life of the party” also feels alone when the lights go out.

Do you have a release date and title for your forthcoming EP? What concepts should we expect to hear from your lyricism?

My expected release date is April 25th! That will be the last song for the EP and the song is titled “Grow Up and Figure It Out.” This is much different than my previous singles and has many influences such as Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch, some of the few greats but WILL be something you want to rock out with your friends too. Also, it comes with a music video with CAKE! Who doesn’t want cake?


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