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Comfort Your Heart With Annie Omalley's Latest Single, "Chasing Clouds"

Lifting us into the skies is the latest single from singer-songwriter, musician, and pop recording artist Annie Omalley entitled "Chasing Clouds."

Listening to Annie Omalley's music is one of the most refreshing listening experiences we could ask for. Singing since she was speaking and writing since she was eight years old, Annie Omalley believes that she was put on this earth to make a change in something greater than herself, and music has been the perfect opportunity to put that into action.

Recently releasing her heartfelt and emotional new single, "Chasing Clouds," Annie Omalley reveals a different side of herself with the utmost honesty and vulnerability. While the soft and smooth pop sonics send a chill up the spine, Annie Omalley enhances the experience with her lyrics of lost and troubled love that can strike a deeply relatable chord in just about anyone.

Hitting play on the single, "Chasing Clouds," we're gently greeted with an airy background pad and the softest guitar picking while Annie Omalley makes her breathy and warm vocal appearance. Once the delicate keys begin to soak up the background, a chilling electric guitar melody takes us by the hand and leads us into Annie Omalley's emotional hook.

Omalley successfully portrays the complex sentiments of turbulent love through her relatable lyrics and ability to perform with such poignant emotion. The song's sonics perfectly back up Omalley's sweet and lush vocals, especially with their soothing tones and refreshing pop approaches. As we make our way to the ethereal bridge, Annie Omalley takes the spotlight and reminisces on a lost love while preparing to fly solo.

Find needed solace in Annie Omalley's latest single, "Chasing Clouds," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for chatting with us at BuzzMusic Annie Omalley. We're incredibly impressed with the emotion and vulnerability you've brought to your recent single, "Chasing Clouds." What moment or experience inspired you to create this honest piece?

Thank you so much! It's very important to me that every song I write and release has a purpose. I want a message I believe in or talk about something I am genuinely experiencing. For "chasing clouds" I was writing about the inner conflict of falling for someone who you know you shouldn't be, like a friend or work partner or even sometimes in life when society says you shouldn't love them. "chasing clouds" is about wanting to live off the record with them in the clouds away from any of the "shoulds" or "shouldn't" and possibly taking the risk of losing one thing to gain another.

Did you encounter any personal challenges when opening your heart and writing such emotional lyrics for "Chasing Clouds?" Or was this process easy for you?

To be completely honest, no, I feel more proud, more secure, and I am more enthusiastic about the music when it is as raw as I can make it. Recently even I have discovered a newfound confidence that I haven't had in a while or maybe ever, and I think it correlates to how raw my writing has become. If I'm going to be a role model or have the world watching what I do and say, I want them to get the message that it is never wrong to talk about your feelings and navigate how to enjoy the positive ones and deal with the negative ones.

What sort of feeling or atmosphere did you want the production and instrumentals to offer within "Chasing Clouds?" How does the song's sonics enhance your lyrical message?

Whenever I am in the studio, I always give the producer I am working with a ton of visuals so they can make it sound like how I see it. When I wrote chasing clouds and brought it to my friend jack(good harbor-producer), he totally understood the theme I was trying to convey. He is incredibly talented and very good at listening to my ideas and nailing them exactly. I always go for very ambient, far out, space-type feelings and magical, fairyland elements because when I'm creating, I am in my own little fantasy world that can be whatever I want it to be. Overall, for this track, I wanted it to feel like you were running and chasing that person and completely ignoring all the reasons you shouldn't go for it.

What did you want to leave the listener with after experiencing your passionate single "Chasing Clouds?" What did you want them to take away?

First off, I wanted them to feel, in general. I try and write thoughtful and relatably vulnerable lyrics and pair them with hopeful and moving music. I want the listener to get the feeling of saying, "screw this im gonna do it because it feels right," and do not fear the lessons that they will learn. I also want people to feel close to me, and anyone around me knows I am a very open and deep person, so when you are listening to my lyrics, it's similar to us having a conversation. I wanted them to feel like they were running and grabbing what they wanted and living life fully.

What sets "Chasing Clouds" apart from the rest of your singles? How is this song different in terms of lyrics, production, and overall vibe?

"Chasing clouds" is very different from my other music because, for the last two years, I have been diving very deep into finding my sound. My writing has changed tremendously, and I finally know what I am going for when it comes to production and lyrics and even themes and visuals. Chasing clouds is the first song of mine that I feel is completely and totally me, and I love everything about it. The rest of my songs that follow this single will have a similar vibe, but with that said, I have a lot of exciting and surprising elements incorporated as well!

What's next for you?

More music! im in the studio almost every day, writing songs every day, sometimes twice or three times, and I've never been in love with music. I am constantly coming up with ideas iv never seen or had before, and I feel more creative than ever.

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