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Comprehensive Artist Xyvo Shares His Personable Debut Album, "The Loveaby"

David Sainz, better known as artist Xyvo, is prepared to share his personal and vulnerable motives with listeners with a collection of new music.

Originally from Arlington, Virginia, Xyvo sets himself up for success with the approach he takes on regarding his musical sound. Xyvo prefers to craft and create music that disparts from the norm, all while experimenting within the alternative music scene.

Garnering influence from bands such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Strokes, Xyvo internalizes such influence in order to drive the foundation of his sound. As an artist who writes and records all of their own music, Xyvo strives for complete authenticity, which is heavily noticed within his debut album release, "The Loveaby". 

Persistent and eclectic guitar strumming is what opens up Xyvo's album, "The Loveaby". "Something Wrong" is a mix of various instrumentals, which ultimately creates a very diversified and eccentric soundscape. There's such a versatile variety of beats combined together, and although some of them may not necessarily be in harmony, they manifest certain eclectic energy that drives the passion of the song. "Something Wrong" offers wide-ranging instrumental perspectives, and this theme is held pretty consistently throughout the rest of the album.

"Nova" is a bit more intensified, as the vocals are sung with more vehemence and passion. The song persists with its harmonic guitar rhythm, and once the balanced guitar is combined with the ravaging vocalism, the product is allowed to become full of fervency.

The third track off of "The Loveaby" is titled "Choosemua", and it brings up the energy levels to a new maximum. Xyvo exploits his level of sound regarding his vocals within this track, choosing to accentuate each and every vocal chord in order to craft a more strong-willed record. The piercing energy eventually levels itself out near the end of the track, offering more chilled-out chordal orchestrations. 

Xyvo switches up the direction of "The Loveaby" with its fourth track, "Georgia". Here, Xyvo instills more of a laidback emotive into the track, and the rhythm ultimately establishes a lax listening environment for listeners. Xyvo further took the opportunity to showcase some of his vocal range, and the higher-pitched areas of "Georgia" are sung with a certain kind of alternative nuance. The calm and cool guitar strums keep listeners engaged, and seriously maintain that effortless vibe that emulates off of "Georgia". That same low-key atmosphere is maintained in "Ms. ARIZONA", as Xyvo ensures the vocal performance remains intimate. We wouldn't say that "Ms. ARIZONA" gives off lackadaisical energy, but it's more fitting to say that Xyvo has a way of creating tracks to feel nonchalant, but also very purposeful at the same time.

The prominent guitar rhythm that's sculpting the majority of "The Loveaby" still remains present within the albums sixth track, "Faye". "Faye" feels very authentic, and Xyvo records the vocals of this particular track in a way that highlights the realness of his vocal offerings. A similar ambiance is felt within the next tracks, "Sandstorm" and "Meat", although "Meat" feels a bit more organized with its productional execution. Even more so, "Meat" felt cohesive and clear with its soundscape, bringing down the eclecticism slightly and honing in on a different element of Xyvo's artistry.

"Ireland" is the first instrumental track offered on "The Loveaby", and is the ninth track on Xyvo's 17-track album. "Ireland" sounds like one of those tracks that should be on the playlist of life itself. The chosen instrumentals create vivid and bright imagery, making listeners feel as if they're on a journey of self-understanding. Xyvo follows "Ireland" with another instrumental track, titled "Amber". The two songs find contrast in their execution and rate--"Amber" is more fast-paced, offering coherently concise guitar exploitations that manifest a surging kind of energy. The clean guitar strumming is what stands out most prominently within "Amber" and truly takes the spotlight of the instrumental song. 

Xyvo brings spirits up with the albums eleventh track, "Lone Wolf". A summer vibe is more than imprinted into the single, and this definitely arises from the elevated production. "Lone Wolf" focuses on the mix more than anything, which gives listeners a different perspective in terms of Xyvo's crafted sound.

"The Roll" follows next, and is almost identical to the properties presented in "Lone Wolf". "Lyanna" differs in the sense that the production is slowed down in the slightest and Xyvo feels a bit more reminiscent within this track compared to others. Energy levels are brought back up with Xyvo's next track, "Wailing Soul".

The title of this track is quite fitting, as you can feel that strong emotion that's packed into every word being vocalized by Xyvo. "Rock Bottom Wishin" is the track that follows next, which brings back a similar sensation offered near the beginning of the album. We're getting that eccentric style back, with a slight beachy energy sourcing itself out.

That same beachy vibe is found within "Dreamer's Lullaby", and it's easy to find yourself getting lost within this particular track. We found ourselves daydreaming quite often to "Dreamer's Lullaby", and we're also noticing a big correlation between the song titled and the affirmed ambiance set for listeners. "Dreamer's Lullaby" felt just as authentic as "Faye" in a similar sense, offering a very unplugged version of typical Xyvo performance. 

Xyvo's album ends with its seventeenth track, "Botana's Clove (Album Outro)". Introducing a recording within the track, Xyvo intrinsically ends his album with a song that feels like the end (but in the best way possible). We feel that we depart from the Xyvo experience in a humbling way with the style he chooses to follow within "Botana's Clove (Album Outro)". And with that, "The Loveaby" is completed and we're left with a multitude of thoughts stimulated by Xyvo's artistic persona. We're ultimately left intrigued, wanting more, craving more. The eclecticism that Xyvo so easily falls into genre-wise brings a certain kind of exhilaration with his music, as you truly don't know the specifics of what to expect. 

Discover the versatile artist Xyvo and his latest album release "The Loveaby" here.

Hello David and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. Firstly, let us start off by saying, 'WOW,' what an album 'The Loveaby' was. Featuring an incredible amount of alternative styles, the album sourced a ton of influence from all over. What was the main influence and/or motive that inspired the entirety of "The Loveaby?"

This was the first album I ever made. The main influence and motive behind "The Loveaby" was really just me jamming and practicing, and using chord progressions and lead guitar parts/melodies that I came up with that I liked. Jamming and practicing with a former bandmate called Takaaki also sparked the beginning of my own songwriting/jamming process. I like to use looper pedals when jamming/writing to create several layers for my songs. I always get my instrumentals with my guitar down first, play them again and again, make a list of them and record them, and then I try to record vocals that compliment the songs. My sound was influenced by the work of various music that I've liked to listen to since I was a little kid (I'm 24 now). I tried to bring the same emotion, colorfulness, complexity, and intensity of the music I like to listen to into my own tracks. Some bands I've been influenced by including The Strokes, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, U2, The Beatles, The Police, The Rolling Stones, etc. 

Was there a particular song within 'The Loveaby' that you felt resonated with you the most, compared to others? 

‘Something Wrong’, the first track, resonates with me the most because it is the first song I ever made, and I've made many versions of it over the years. After some years of just practicing, It's the song that gave me the drive to start creating and writing more and more. 

What would you say was your main goal with the release of 'The Loveaby?' Would you say the album attempted to instill a certain kind of emotion and/or feeling onto listeners? Was there a theme you had hoped was communicated to your listeners with this album?

My main goal with the release of ‘The Loveaby’ was to create catchy, melodic music that people could vibe with and enjoy. I wanted to keep listeners interested and on their toes. I wanted to convey a feeling of love and hope.  The general theme of the album is that even though you may not agree with every aspect of (or several aspects of) the ways of the world, and even though you may feel like it's overwhelming and impossible to make a change in a society that is so much bigger than yourself, you should still try to go your own way. Trying to succeed by being yourself and reaching for what you want and doing what you like to do. The best changes will come as a result of your uniqueness as an individual; through your own beliefs, originality, and desires. That's what makes everyone unique in my opinion, and I'm hoping that the theme of the album can help others.  

How would you describe the way 'The Loveaby' ultimately challenged you creatively? Are you the type of artist that enjoys being challenged artistically? 

'The Loveaby' challenged me creatively in the sense that I wanted to make good/positive sounding music and it was my first time doing so. A lot of experimentation and practice was involved. Just finding the sound that I liked came through jamming, practicing over the years, and just sitting down, focusing, and deciding that I was going to try and create new music, no matter what. I enjoy being challenged artistically, but the best feeling for me is when different pieces and melodies come together to create a single track (a track that hopefully others will like the sound of).

What can fans anticipate from you in the rest of 2020? 

Fans can anticipate the release of new Xyvo tracks for the rest of 2020. I took a 1 and a half-2-year break from songwriting, and I'm hoping to get back into the rhythm of creating full albums. I know the best is yet to come; I'll be continuing to practice new songs/melodies, and will hopefully get back to work and recording at a more frequent rate. I'll do what I can despite this Coronavirus epidemic and the things/situation that comes with that. I love you guys. Stay safe!


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