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Connect with Clay Newsom While He Reveals Himself Through Introspective Lyrics

Born and raised in Walker, Louisiana, Clay Newsom illuminates his passion through thoughtful songwriting and charismatic melodies. In his early 20’s aspiring artist delved deep to explore his intrinsic sounds on a new level while he attended Berklee College of Music.

Now releasing original tracks at the age of 26, Clay Newsom showcases his recent personal breakthrough in finding his sound and creativity with every release. The determined artist is taking advantage of his youthful energy by working tirelessly to release new content for his fans. With various songs up his sleeve, Clay Newsom plans to release one single each month for the rest of 2021! As if one single per month wasn’t enough, fans can expect to see his EP “ELEVEN22,” written in memory of his dad, in November.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Clay Newsom recounts the inspirations behind his creative processes. The Louisiana native expressed, “I’m mostly inspired by artists that are highly involved in the production and creative direction of their music. Artists like Jon Bellion, Lauv, and Charlie Puth come to mind when thinking about some of my bigger influences.

Clay states, "when writing and producing my music, I always imagine what the music video would possibly look like and the visual storylines in my head help me either finish the lyrics or make the melodies more fitting.”

Check out the rest of Clay Newsom’s interview here.

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