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Connor Bracken Found the “Root” of His Blues

"Root," by Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band, is a fast, sexy, and catchy song. This banger is coming in hot and promises to be a great hit from this singer and his band.

Released in July 2022, Root is their newest single after quite a while. While remaining true to their bluesy rock roots, they have established themselves as a permanent fixture in today's rock scene.

Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band is based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, the same town as Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, and the Asbury Jukes. The band consists of Connor Bracken (lead vocals, guitar), Rich Seyffart (drums, vocals), Chris Dubrow (bass, vocals), and newest member Dee DiMeola (guitar, vocals).

Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band began touring the Northeast United States with two shows at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square, New York. They have received positive feedback for their high-energy live performances, and this energetic vibe is seen in their newest single, "Root." With ambitious plans for 2023, Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band are excited to continue touring the United States in 2022.

There is palpable excitement for this new single. "Root" is an upbeat song with solid drums and intriguing vocals. You may have a hard time trying not to sway from side to side from the high-tempo and energetic nature of this song. You can feel the heart and soul in this song, and Connor Bracken's vocals are simply stunning.

Let your body do the talking when you play "Root" on repeat. You will be moving from side to side, letting loose, and enjoying a good banger and some killer dance moves.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band. Who or what is the "Root" of your Blues? Well, I typically like to leave songs open to whatever the listener feels so that I could say that, but this song is really from the perspective of a complete asshole that blames his problems on others, so the Root is yourself. I wrote it about someone I know. I don't think they would be too happy to know it's them. Can you describe the creative process behind creating "Root?" What was your most significant victory? This was the first song I wrote after finally releasing our last album, "Nightbird Motel"; it felt like a new chapter for the band and me. It just felt fresh and different but still us. I was happy about that. I was worried about what would come next; luckily, it was "Root." After that, a whole new slew of songs started to arrive, and my band taught me how to make demos. Beforehand I would always work pieces out at rehearsal, but now I've become a mad scientist in my home studio. It's all band's fault. What message would you like people to take away from "Root?" Well, I hope they're just dancing to it, but I also hope they can see themselves or someone they know in it and have a laugh and maybe not let themselves dwell on their bullshit.

What would you say to a person that has someone as the root of their blues? Get over it, you silly bastard!

What's next for you? A ton of super secret fun stuff, but I guess I can spill that "Root" isn't the only new song we have finished, and maybe possibly some show announcements soon. I can say that our live album will be out in September, and I cannot wait for you to hear that! Thanks for having me, BuzzMusic!

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