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Conscious Tone Prides Himself on Emotional Honesty, and on His Latest Single, "Dreamin'"

On the back half of Conscious Tone's newest single "Dreamin'", the hip-hop disciple teams up with upcoming producer Jody for a slick vibe inducing hip-hop song about the passion he finds in his musical craft and his own beliefs. It's familiar territory for the Denver, Colorado rapper, but on "Dreamin," his presence has evolved into a whole other form. His addictive flow is airtight; it's tight and carries a distinct flow in one harmonious direction. Not many can say they are adequate in operating lyrics with such expertise, and in his latest this year, Conscious Tone delivers a blueprint on how to dish out hits for his hip-hop counterparts.

The song, which features contagious hooks, tasteful adlibs, and the crispiest of hi-hat samples, is the kind of woozy hybrid feeling rap that's become popular among style benders and influencers like G-Eazy and Bryce Vine. Conscious and Jody blend their styles together here while still ricocheting sway inducing vibes off each other, creating a hybrid that's distinct but new, with a mellow yet hardened character. The verses imply a direct correlation between what Conscious has learned and what he's become now, while the hook seamlessly condenses into an addictive anchor for the rest of the track. It's hip-hop endeavor demonstrating a whimsical and enigmatic journey with performances so relaxed the entire piece feels effortless by extension. This humble, partnered effort can't help but feel enlightening and more chilled out in comparison to some of the other hip-hop ventures we've experienced, and it's no surprise this single is making its way onto our playlist favorites.

You can discover "Dreamin'" here.

Hey there, Conscious Tone! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we're excited to be featuring, "Dreamin'," the latest single from you this year. Can you talk about some of the main inspirations behind this vibe of a track?

Of course! The inspiration for Dreamin’ came from a very real place. I’ve dealt with a lot of highs and lows in life and I've learned over the years to use both to my advantage. When I started writing the song I wanted to focus on pushing the idea of chasing dreams no matter what your current situation is. In times of uncertainty, it’s important to see that the good and the bad can push you to heights you never thought possible. I feel as though we get too caught up in doubt and because of this, we don’t pursue the things we need to feel whole. So, I wrote this song about my Dreams and how it’s a constant yet necessary battle to get where you want to be, and once you do, you’re Dreamin’.

What discerning qualities does Jody bring to the music you produce together? 

The great thing about working with a producer like Jody is his constant drive to push content out there. His sound has a “Real Life” feel to it and I think that’s what drew me in when I first got in contact with him. His production and vibe capture so many feelings and that sets him apart from the rest. When I can feel the emotion in a beat before I’ve even started writing to it, I know it’s special. We’ve worked together on a number of different songs and I’m really excited to see what the future holds. It’s important to have common ground with your sound and we do, Jody is as professional as it gets.  

How do you get that perfect balance amongst yourselves as tp avoid sounding over delivered in your performance and overproduced? 

The perfect balance can really make a song stand above the rest. I feel that Jody and I are able to create that balance organically, making sure not to force anything that isn’t needed. It’s important to blend the vocals with production in ways that complement each other. We don’t want the beat to overpower the vocals, and we don’t want the vocals to drown the beat. Jody knows what to bring to the table, and I know what to expect, everything else just comes together naturally.

It was awesome having you here on BuzzMusic! We can wait to hear about what's in store for you this year. Do you have any more new releases you plan to unleash this year?

It’s a pleasure to be featured on BuzzMusic, thank you! I’m always moving and always working, I’ve got a lot planned for the near future. I have a lot of new content on the way, so the next few months are going to be busy ones for me. I’ll be releasing new music, new videos, a new EP, and a lot of digital content. This has already been a great start to the year for me musically, and I’m excited to push it to the next level. 



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