Contemporary, Funky & Eccentric Artist Hollie Beadell Releases “Get It Right"

Hollie Beadell is contributing to the modern/contemporary genre in a huge way! We loved and appreciated her music as soon as we listened to it. Hollie puts out music curated with such a unique execution—the genre she contributes to in general is funky and vibrant! Studying music at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Hollie uses her knowledge and background in the category to aid in her elemental music production. We can only imagine how powerful her performances must be! One thing memorable about Hollie Beadell’s music is that it transforms a category, and artists who can take their music, their vision, and transform a category are talented beyond the recognition they receive for it. HollieBeadell’s music is eccentric and eclectic in every way possible, and we can’t wait for the BuzzMusic community to hear what she’s recently released!

Hollie Beadell maintains a funky and fun tempo throughout her latest track “Get It Right”. Her voice is unique and raw throughout this track, and she’s able to integrate her vocalism flawlessly into the upbeat flow. Hollie Beadell is expanding the category of contemporary funk, and we’re loving the type of energy she’s putting out there in her music! All we want to do is dance, especially when the chorus hits—“Get It Right” is one of those tracks where you HAVE to move your body in some way, it’s just that catchy. “Get It Right” made us feel alive in the office, pumping this through and extending a feel-good vibe. Hollie’s singer/songwriting skills are modern and on track with what the growing category needs right now—we’re definitely keeping an eye on this artist to hear what she’s planning to release in August! We can only assume it will be even more game-changing than “Get It Right”.

Feel energized with Hollie Beadell’s Release “Get It Right” here, and don’t forget to check out her exclusive interview below!


Hey Hollie! Please give our readers more of a sense of who you are as an artist!

I’m from a small town just outside London. I started singing when I was small child and I was always performing to anyone who would listen. I currently study at the Academy of Contemporary Music in the uk and that has really given me a chance to launch my career in the music industry. My new style is pop with a soulful vibe with a hint of old school R&B and funk.

What was the predominant message you wanted to be received when listening to “Get It Right”?

The concept is about the end of a relationship, but in a broader sense the message is you can’t please everyone, sometimes no matter what you say or do, and that’s ok. I like to incorporate meaningful and deep lyrics with an upbeat tempo, just because something is ‘negative’ doesn’t mean we have to feel bad about it and in my life I like to try and turn negatives into positives. I think that’s the reason everything I write is like that. 

Can you tell us more about the curation process of “Get It Right”? Did you face any challenges when writing the song?

I worked with a completely different producer on this track. We started with just a little rift and then it stemmed from there. This was probably the easiest song to write, it only took me around an hour and a bit to do and lay down the basic vocals so I had a good foundation to record from in the studio.  I think part of that comes from the strong meaning behind the lyrics, sometimes a song just works. 

Who would you say are your top two music inspirations? Do you think they contribute to your music and the ideas you curate?

My top two are Plan B and Amy Winehouse. I don’t know if you have heard the album ‘the defamation of strickland banks’ but I think that album changed my life and made me want to become a recording artist. It’s such a powerful concept album and has had a massive impact on my new album. Amy Winehouse contributed in a sense as I would listen to her album before going into the studios. I think being influenced by such strong albums inspired me to push boundaries and gave me the confidence to try something new and fresh and really mix genres. 

We’re incredibly excited to hear your new album “Jukebox Nights” in August! How’s the finishing touches going on the album so far?

I am near enough done with all the album, my manger and producer are having a meeting to just have a listen to everything and make sure it’s all good. I am now focusing on my first tour I have coming up in September to release it, I am so excited to be performing these songs live with my full band. I am looking forward for people to hear this album and see how different it is from the first one that I did. It’s really exciting to see the artwork and all the elements coming together, it’s a brand new look for brand new music and I’m so excited to share how I’ve grown as an artist in the last few years. 


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