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Contemporary R&B Artist Eric Crawley Deliver Ambient Vibes Through “Vague”

Based in Dallas, Texas, Eric Crawley creates contemporary R&B tracks unlike anything we’ve heard to date. He fuses contemporary pop music with modern R&B to establish an explosive outcome. Not only is his ear for new sounds gifted, but his vocals and lyricism are a bright new addition to the modern music scene. Using notable influences such as Michael Jackson ,Brandy, Prince and Frank Ocean, Crawley produces a vibrant experience for his listeners. Stay on the lookout for his upcoming album set to be released July 2019. “This new album will explore the many shifts and emotions that people can truly relate too” Eric states.

“Vague” is Eric Crawley's latest single and we can’t stop vibing to this contagioius rhythm. Channeling his eclectic influences, Eric paints a soundscape in the listeners mind in order to lay a solid foundation for artistry. “Vague” is a track that every listener will relax and get lost in. I personally love the welcome and warm delivery of Eric Crawley’s sultry vocals fused with ambient R&B melodies. As “Vague” progresses we hear the transitions and experimental stylings of Eric shine brightly. With so much success already, we highly recommend you check out this track and Eric’s many other spectacular releases. Stay on the lookout for his upcoming album set to be released July 2019!

Check out “Vague” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Eric! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us more about how you got started in music? 

I started singing when I was a little kid, growing up in church. My love for music hit me at a very young age. I remember even as a toddler, I would run downstairs first thing in the morning and instead of watching cartoons most times it was primarily BET, MTv, or Vh1, absorbing all kinds of music. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Bobby Brown were three artists that really captivated me and influenced my love for wanting to create music. The classic movie by MJ titled “Moonwalker” sealed the deal for me. The magic he possessed was everything I wanted to be.

We love your track “Vague”! Can you tell us a bit more about it/ the concept behind it?

I really really appreciate that. “Vague” came about through a conversation with my best friend Chandra. It’s pretty normal for us both to share ideas for songs before the creative process begins. As soon as she came up with the concept, the sound and lyrics came to me very naturally. I knew from that point I wanted it to paint a vivid picture through sound, that was colorful-vibrant-and mesmerizing. I also wanted to step up my creative production not only for this song but for the entire album. The song itself explains how you can have a lover or companion who seems to come up short in communication and/or actions. I thought to match this concept with vibrant tribal-ish sounds to evoke emotion from my listener. 

How have you grown as an artist compared to when you first started writing/ performing?

The growth is very real (Lol). I’ve been doing everything on my own since 2006. Writing songs don’t take long for me to do fortunately, but producing does which is something I’m getting better at and it feels good to discover more as you go. I love to experiment with different sounds and try my best to incorporate it into my music. With each project I do I try to outdo myself and of course you discover and learn new things with each process.

What’s your favorite part of “Vague”? Why?

My favorite part of “Vague” is the instrumental parts where I get to show off more of my productions skills. I was extremely blessed to have the talented producer Amorphous add a bass synth providing another texture to the final product. 

What can we expect from your upcoming album?

You can expect an array of different sounds that I hope will become a musical journey and an escape for the listener. This is my best work to date and it’s truly a labor of love. “Vague” is just the appetizer to a well prepared meal I can’t wait to serve you all soon...


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