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Contemporary R&B Artist Miyal Johnson Drops “What You Like”

Miyal Johnson is an R&B artist from Houston, Texas. His style is smooth and addicting. A talented vocalist, Miyal released his first single “Take Control” in June of 2017 and it accumulated 3000 streams in one day! He started quickly gaining attention and dropped his second single “Nights In Miami” shortly after. Miyal Johnson launched his debut EP titled “Nocturnal-EP” which features his newest single “What You Like”.

“What You Like” is a flawless R&B hit. The slow deliberate backbeat and echoing synths remind me of The Weeknd’s sound, but Miyal Johnson is more original than that. The melancholy and emotion in his tone takes on a striking physicality. The girl he sings about in the song is a girl he wants to get with. He describes that she's out with her homegirls, craving attention. Miyal sings “You want somebody that’s gon’ love you, but don’t want you, because that past relationship.. that shit still haunts you” to show the fragility of broken relationships as a key point for uncovering subtle textures in his sound. He is able to paint a picture in our minds through his skilled lyricism and layered vibes. I love this single because it’s easy to chill to but you allows you to escape into the lyrics and sound. I highly recommend checking out “What You Like” and the entire collection of “Nocturnal-EP” available on all major streaming platforms. Stay on the lookout for Miyal Johnson!

Give a listen to "What You Like" here, and don't forget to check out Miyal's interview below!

What’s the theme of your EP “Nocturnal-EP”?

Nocturnal is an EP that has a roller coaster of emotion that goes into depth about personal situations that I’ve gone through that I feel everyone can relate to. Packed with powerful messages and gives the feeling of heartache, depression, anger, and unworthiness. 

Can you recall the first song you ever wrote? How would you compare it to your writing abilities now?

My first song I wrote was my second single I came out with titled “Nights In Miami”. In which I wrote that song about my experiences being in Miami. At the same time I wrote over 80 songs while writing “Nights In Miami. I’ve always took pride in my writing and try to be as detailed as possible so the listener can really picture what I’m talking about. So I feel that my writing style hasn’t changed from that aspect but as far as maturing and being able to write about different situations; I feel like I really grew in that area.

What are some challenges you faced while writing “What You Like”?

There was really no challenge in writing the song because I could perfectly write about the two different situations; I feel like the only challenge I had was merging the two situations in one song.

In your music career so far, what would you say your most proud of?

My growth. Being able to see my mindset from when I first came out as an artist to now it has been a lot of growth. I’m able to write and make music about deeper situations, being able to cater to different audiences, and making music that everyone can enjoy and relate to. I know one day I am going to be the most influential artist in the world. So me just knowing that and being able to keep growing and maturing and most importantly influence others positively. That’s probably the things I am most proud of.


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