Coolhandtrew Releases "1000xs"

Jay Crockett, also known as Coolhandtrew is a musician and actor from Prince George, Virginia who is immersed in a diverse variety of projects. Trew showcase his eclectic skills in the entertainment industry as an excellent overall performer which is shown through his tour with "Kid Is Qual”, which has captivated audiences with their blend of gritty and upbeat rock music. Trew and his business partner D Smith, are CEOs of their own record label company, Clocked Out Records.

Trew also has two upcoming projects on the way; one of these is World's Fault, and another project which he recorded with legendary Hip-Hop producer Ski Beatz. The project includes songs with some of his favorite musicians, such as Camp Lo, WordsWorth and Ha~Mystique 8, and other tracks such as Fly Never Dies, an alternative-pop duo whose music fuses hip-hop vocals, rock guitar, retro vibes and pop ingenuity to create a sound unique to today's trends.

The track “1000xs” is produced by Mark Henry (producer for Fabolous, Fat Joe and Raekwon) featuring Shari. The first verse “...Is about my daughter and realizing how, now that I’m a father, I’m promising my daughter I will always protect her. The second verse is reflecting back to previous relationships and (how I) view things differently now that I am a dad.” explains Coolhandtrew. It’s a touching thing to remember when you listen to this song and the meaning behind it. The track musically has a cool somewhat eclectic instrumental but at the same time has something that the listener can relate to. When you listen to this song you can expect some really cool guitar riffs, great production quality and steller vocals. Make sure to listen the song down below and check out his other great music!

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