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Corbella Brings a Whisper to a Shout in New Release; "I Know"

Corbella, who came together as a band in 2018, have been working hard ever since to release their first EP. Back in June of 2019, the release of their self-titled EP gave them a foundation for writing and performances, and now they are back on their grind and ready to release new music. Britny Lobas, Russell Simonson, Alec Cabrera, and Ricky Jones have all added their own creative touch to the band, which has allowed them to merge rock and pop to give their own subgenre. On vocals, bass, drums, and guitar respectively, these four musicians are expecting to accomplish great things in 2020.

I Know” by Corbella is a powerful rock/pop track with mostly rock influences, with lyrics about overcoming struggles in your life, and realizing you are louder than you thought you were. The vocals are hardcore and gritty, accompanying the fast-paced drums and guitar. Corbella emphasizes phrases by layering the vocals with harmonies, which nicely fills out the sound of the track. The song is filled with empowering lyrics such as “raise my whisper to a shout”, that makes you want to sing along but also pass along a great message. Corbella has come off to a great start with “I Know”, and we are excited to see what more they can deliver in the upcoming year.

Listen to Corbella’s “I Know” here.

Hey there, Corbella! Thank you for sharing your release “I Know” with us, It’s great to have you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about the creative process for “I Know”, and how you came up with the idea?

Britny: Thank you for having us! Yes! Well every song we write is a different process. This song, "I Know" arose fairly quickly. We were all writing at Ricky's one day and wanted to create an upbeat feel-good song. Ricky started strumming some chords, Alec and Russ came up with a groove and I sang a melody overtop. We started jamming the idea and it just flowed. 

The theme of this song came from a period in my life when I was battling addiction and I was on the road to sobriety. We wanted the song to be relatable and empowering. It's about believing in yourself and finding the strength within to overcome anything. 

We loved the thought and detail you put into the lyrics for “I Know”, and we can see that this song has the ability to touch hearts, while still maintaining that upbeat/fun feeling. What is your favourite lyric from the song, and how do you hope it is received by listeners?

Britny: Thank you! The bridge of this song says, "Run Strong. Girl hold on. Into the darkness you know that you got this, all day long. Stand tall. Girl don't fall. Rise up and meet um' yeah your gonna beat um' beat over the wall." Going through a period in my life recently with a lot of challenges to face and changes to make, I had a vision of who, what and where I wanted to be. I realize now I wasn't just singing to empower other people. I was telling myself, "Hold on you got this! Your gonna make it because your stronger then you think." I hope that message relays to everyone, because it's so true. 

What brought the four of you together as a band? Is music something all of you have always wanted to do?

Britny: Bassist Russell Simonson, drummer Alec Cabrera and I had been bandmates in a previous project for a while and decided we all wanted to go in a different direction. So at the end of 2017, we took a few months off to re-brand, re-focus and find the sound we wanted. Shortly after, Ricky Jones joined us. He brought a whole new sound and different musical influences to the table, which was just what we were looking for. 

Music is definitely something all of us were born into and have wanted to do. We all have a thriving passion for it and have the same vision for where we want Corbella to go. Music for me was already set deep in my bones at a young age. There was really nothing else I wanted to do or could imagine doing. It's part of me. 

Thank you for talking with us today, Corbella! Tell us, do you have any upcoming shows planned for the promotion of your EP?

Of course! Yes, we have a big release show in Austin, TX Friday Feb. 7th at The Mohawk! Joining us will be local Austin bands, Obsolete Machines and Skymomma. Following this release show, we have a lot of upcoming shows and festivals this spring and summer. Also planning some touring around Texas and the surrounding states! Plus an upcoming music video, new singles and an EP this fall! 



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