Corbella Is Back With Another Hit, “GO”

Music is all about the emotions and art created. With powerhouse vocals, cutting guitar riffs, and memorable melodies, Austin-Based band Corbella represents this to its fullest extent. It’s quite obvious when you take a listen to their record titled “Go.” Led by lead singer Britny Lobas, her distinctive voice will take you through multiple dimensions and open up an artistic mind of fantasy where you will feel every passion and emotion behind her dynamically driven delivery.

“GO” has a significant amount of sass, fierceness, and piercing vocal projection. It strikes you like electrocution and leaves you wanting more. The amount of grit and rock n roll rasp behind the production of the instruments and her vocals is something super mesmerizing. Corbella keeps the listener captivated with a magnetic music touch to our ears. Isn’t this what art does? Touches us with the fascinating creation and sensations we experience while connecting with it? “GO” opens the pathway for a highly-fastened encounter that you won’t forget. Britny’s voice is measurably augmented. Her range is out of this world and the control she has with her vocal belts was BADASS. Corbella is a band to be on the look-out for & GO is the Rock n Roll artistic creation you didn’t know you needed until now.

Listen to Corbella's new song "GO" here and get the exclusive about "GO" below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome Corbella! We’re glad to have you back at BuzzMusic! What made you guys come together to pursue this Rock n Roll journey together?

Britny: Thank you! Definitely our passion and love for the music. Myself, bassist Russell and drummer Alec had been bandmates in a previous project for a while and really enjoyed working together. We decided we all wanted to go in a different direction. So end of 2017 we took a few months to re-brand, re-focus, and really find the right sound we wanted. Shortly after, Ricky joined us. He brought a whole new sound and different musical influences to the table, which was just what we were all looking for. We started jamming, then writing and the music just starting flowing out. We all just vibed great. Every song that we write is a journey of some kind and it's been amazing to create with my friends and share it with so many people!

Are you influenced by any bands? Or would you say your style was more self-invented?