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Corbella Takes You On A Wild Ride To Remember With Their Self-Titled Debut EP, “Corbella”

Austin-Based rock band Corbella formed in 2017. Their lineup? Well let’s go in-depth about it, shall we! Lead singer Britny Lobas' distinctive and powerful voice commands your attention while the playing of her bandmates—Russell Simonson, bass; Alec Cabrera, drums; and Ricky Jones, guitar—draws you into an atmosphere from which you won't want to leave.

Corbella released their self-titled debut EP this year titled “Corbella” and if you want to get a dose of true artistry and a little bit of who this band is then we highly recommend you take a listen! The opening of this project begins with “Storm”. “Storm” had a funky and soulful groove in the electric instrumental while Britny gives us a strong vocal delivery. The rich texture she has on her vocals carries you into the song in the beginning before letting us go with a powerful vocal belt that will have you mesmerized! “Storm”, just like the title of the song was intoxicating and sensational. The guitar solo was a SMASH. “Storm” was a nice opener and keeps our anticipation ready for what’s next! The next single “Go” had a completely different vibe from “Storm”. I personally loved this song. It was more bluesy, and soulful, with a significant amount of emotional conviction and sass. This devious record brought an fiery atmosphere to the project, and of course, you’re stunned by the striking vocal dynamics from Britny. Corbella continues showing us they’re the jack of all trades with the next single, “Midnight” already beginning high-paced and exhilarating. If you’re a lover for a good adrenaline rush then “Midnight” will be the song for you! But wait, what’s a good adrenaline rush without moments of slow build-up? “Midnight” has a moment where they strip down the electric energy with a more melodic approach before picking up the speed! Taking its listener on a wild ride. Now once it feels as if you reached your destination, it’s just simply a sultry road-bump with “Burn”. This sensual like record kept the sass alive with a more tenacious projection on the instrumental playing rather than the vocals. But you can always count on the vocalist to give you her piercing belts and riveting dynamic changes! After an electrifying ride that allowed us to let loose and free, it feels like we finally have reached our destination! The closing song “Minds” felt like it focused more on the lyrical arrangement than anything. The lyrics and delivery of the vocals were so passionately driven you felt the soul resonate to yourself as an listener. The way Corbella intertwines us with their EP was quite the experience. With powerhouse vocals, cutting guitar riffs and memorable melodies, Corbella is creating their own definition of Rock & Pop.

Check out the full EP here! Read more below in our exclusive interview.

Welcome Corbella to BuzzMusic! Tell us about the cool name! What’s the story behind “Corbella”?

Britny: Corbella was formed in late 2017, early 2018. Myself, bassist Russell and drummer Alec had been bandmates in a previous project for a while and decided we all wanted to go in a different direction. So end of 2017 we took a few months to re-brand, re-focus, and really find the right sound we wanted. Shortly after, Ricky joined us. He brought a whole new sound and different musical influcenes to the table, which was just what we were all looking for. We started jamming, then writing and the music just starting flowing out. We all just vibed great. Every song that we write is a journey of some kind and it's been amazing to create with my friends and share it with so many people! The band name "Corbella" came from a fun hang one night after some indulging. Ricky had just joined the band and we were all pretty excited. The name comes from Latin heritage and Alec and I are both of hispanic decent. When Russell discovered the name on Urban Dictionary, meaning 'beautiful heart' , we all dug it and it kind of just stuck! 

As a band, were there any influences for your style and sound? Or would you say your sound is something that was developed on its own?

Britny: Having four members in a band, we have four different types of influences. Which is great! Because all of our influences impact our songwriting. For me, I grew up singing in church, so my roots dig deep in gospel and soul music. Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Amy Winehouse, to more modern day Christina Aguilera and Zz Ward. Then you know, my dad is musician and rock n roller so of course I was raised on the greats. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and The Stones to name a few. 

You have a successful debut EP! What was the main theme of this project?

Britny: Thank you! When writing, for me personally, I need to really feel what I'm saying. Whether it's personal or not. I need to to believe in it. This EP was sort of a personal timeline, for me, of life events. Music hits everyone different ya know, so the theme is always to bring people real music and keep it alive. Music with guitars, drums, bass and real vocals! We always want our music to be infectious and hit people. We want people to come to our shows ready to dance and have a great time! 

Which song off “Corbella” did you think best represent the EP and your band? And why?

Britny: Thats a tough one! I would say, "Go" or "Storm". There are thematic similarities between the two of them. They are about triumphs after struggles, and about letting go and finding yourself. I think so many people can relate to this. I think the songs inspire people and make you feel something. They are both really singable too and at live shows the energy with the crowd is always amazing! 

Any exciting live shows coming up?

Britny: Yes! Tomorrow night in Austin, Texas at Stubbs. It's our EP release show and we have a great lineup with Clay Melton (Houston), Elevaded and The Matters. There's only a few tickets are left!  We can't wait! We've really poured a lot into this EP and can't wait for the world to finally hear it. Starting this fall we will be hitting the road and doing small tour runs in and around Texas! Which we are really looking forward to it!


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