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Corn 220 Gives Us “Fanta Freestyle”

Corn 220 is a rapper from Locust Grove T who released his single titled “Fanta Freestyle” off his album, “220 B!tch”. “Fanta Freestyle” immediately begins with a banging introduction giving you no time to adjust and instantly settling you into the song. As soon as I started playing this record, my coworker goes “That’s catchy!” and this was an indicator to me that “Fanta Freestyle” grasps your attention the second you hear the witty punchlines. The hook is repetitive yet addicting due to the cheeky and audacious use of wordplay with a fun and popular flavored drink. The hook says, “I'm dripping cherry fanta, strawberry banana, pockets full of hunnids, dripping berry fanta, pounds of apple Fanta, Dolce and Gabbana, pineapple and banana” he knows how to lyrically translate the meaning behind his metaphors which makes you respect the caliber of his songwriting. The beat lays down the foundation of the song and helps support the charismatic and upbeat energy it’s equipped with. I can see many people blasting “Fanta Freestyle” in their cars and around their friends while repeating the quick-witted lyrics in the addictive hook. Corn 220 may have created the next mainstream hit, only time will tell.

Check out "Fanta Freestyle" now on Spotify, and scroll below to get to know Corn 220 a little better through the artists interview!

What inspired you to create the stage name “Corn 220” ?

Corn is an abbreviation of my real name Cornelius. 220 is my way of thinking that one of my peers put me on when I was 13 years old which mean Second To None.

Tell us a little bit about your album “220 B!tch” what’s this project about?

220 B!tch is a project about the overall me. The hard, the soft, the past, the now, just the way I am or haved lived. It sums up everything I do in life not just one side of me.

Any favorite songs off your album? If so which and why?

At this moment its Going Thru Some Shit, cause im going through some shit in real life. Tomorrow when someone say something dumb to me it may be Shut Up. All my songs my favorite cause the stem from personal situations.

Have you thought about creating a video to Fanta Freestyle?

Oh yeah.... that's in the works as we speak.... stay tune for that one.

What’s the legacy you hope to leave behind?

I want to leave timeless music that everyone can relate to at least at one point in their life. Good timeless meaningful music.


Stay connected with Corn 220 through the artists Instagram!


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