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Corri Shows His Alternative Hip Hop Versatility with Single "PULLUP!"

Nashville artist, Corri is here to highlight some of his growth, starting with recently released singles that embody his true artistry.

Corri puts a different kind of effort into his music; this element to him as a music artist is nonchalantly shown through his work. Striving to construct music that contains truth and natural imperfections, Corri has recently come out with "PULLUP!", a track that includes a certain kind of nonchalant verbosity, leaving listeners satisfied in one way or another.

Corri brings a glamorous fusion of Hip/Hop with intricate pop stylings in "PULLUP!", and the outcome is very atmospheric. Focusing the theme of the track on lust and intimate interest, Corri glides through sly wordplay in order to create the necessary listening environment for listeners. "PULLUP!" has a productional flow that feels incredibly lush and smooth, which is what gives Corri that perfect foundation to embed his contemporary vocalism into. Even further, we found that "PULLUP!" dabbled in various genres, which showcased the versatile energy Corri undoubtedly possesses. All in all, Corri proved he's successfully able to craft a pop-driven alternative Hip/Hop single that has listeners craving more, and we're intrigued to see how he'll manipulate his style next.

What kind of drive did you feel in order to create "PULLUP!"? Where did you source your energy and influence for the track?

I was in a freaky type of mood when I was writing “PULLUP!”. I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and not talk directly Nasty. I wanted to talk freaky but use a metaphor to cover it up in a way, so I thought of like a car. You know...“riding”. Some of the inspiration I drew to get the sounds right would probably be Kevin Abstract, Jaden, Hook & Bktherula. I love all of these artists so much. They amaze me every time and make me so inspired followed by other artists, of course.  What are some genre styles you feel are highlighted most often throughout your music, and specifically within "PULLUP!"?

When I began to do music, I only initially wanted to do Rap, but then I really thought about it and thought to myself, “Anyone can rap”. Seriously, they let anyone in the Game nowadays and it’s comical, no shade because everyone gotta get theirs somehow. I wanted to stand out, be different. I listen to almost, if not every, type of genre. So I knew I could tap into other genres. My main Genre I would put myself in is definitely Hip-Hop/Rap but I have done Pop, Alternative, Punk, R&B. I want to do every genre at least once. My next plan is to do some EDM/Dance, Reggae & maybe even some holiday music. The main genre I tapped in for “PULLUP!” Was definitely R&B mixed with a Hip-Hop but a little of a “Rap Spice.” Call it an R&B&HIP-HOPRAP”. 

Are there any parts of your personal life that you keep hidden from your artistic persona, or would you say that you're an open book with your listeners?

I’m definitely an open book with my listeners. I try to incorporate real-life activities I’ve done and or have been around. There will be some instances where I’ll put some things that I wish were real or wish I’ve done. The only time I would ever excuse the things I’ve said I when I do my persona “Little Skeeter”. He’s one of my Alter Egos and he’s very very dark, but I don’t literally mean anything I rap through him. He’s solely just a Rap persona. I have other ones but they definitely have truth and a part of me. My listeners will definitely get 100% of me. That’s all I want. One thing, I will definitely work on is being more open. Theirs a lot of things, I could or wish to say, I just haven’t because it doesn’t feel like the right time. My team “King & Queen Records” or for short “KQ”, definitely push me to speak more on myself. I can touch basis on that real quick. King & Queen records is a Label or more said, a Team I’m constructing for Artistic people. Not just rappers, but singers, dancers, producers, etc. So far I have three other members. Versal, a Rapper/Engineer. Blessed Integrity, a Rapper. Johnny Buckets, a Singer/Rapper. They're super talented. We’ve been a group and needless to say, friends for almost 4-5 years now. Personally I’m more closer to Blessed Integrity; I’ve been in dark places and that man has helped me see the light countless times. These people—this team, the team I wanna make bigger, wanna make a family with, helps me. We help each other all the time. So with them behind me, I would be even better with being an open book.  Now that “PULLUP!" has been released, are there any future projects that you're working on now? What can listeners expect from you next music-wise?

There are definitely more projects on the way. I recently just released a project called “FAIRY TALE”. That was by far my favorite piece of art I’ve released yet. I feel like that was a stepping stone for me. I know where to keep going from this point and know how to keep doing better than the last. I want to have an even better body of work done by April 2021. That’s my goal. My work ethic is on Kanye West. I’m very indecisive, like very. So my songs and projects are never done until the day of the release. I change titles, remove songs, add songs, make new cover arts, all the time. I also release a body of work by the end of this year, December 2020. Listeners can expect more vibes, more bars, different genres, and definitely more collaborations.  What can fans anticipate to hear next from you Corri? Thank you for talking to us today!

Fans can definitely be ready for more and more music. I probably don’t have the means to say this right now but I don’t charge for features. I honestly don’t feel it’s right for me to do that yet. Everyone had different opinions but that’s how I stand, obviously, it will change in the near future but for right now it won’t. I’m always open to working with any and everyone. So with that being said, you can expect more collaborations with different artists. Hopefully next summer, 2021, I can be performing live with my Team. Oh, definitely videos coming. I like to make my stuff with concepts so there will definitely be some major magic videos coming soon as well. Thank you for this interview and time so much! Thank you to Victoria! Thank you to BuzzMusic. Thank you to the whole team! Hope to work with you guys again in the future, definitely have my support! Love and blessing! 



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