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Corrupted By Society Is “Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming”

With California dreams in mind, hailing from Flint, Michigan, twin brothers and hip-hop recording artists Sharard Baker and G Flatt of Corrupted By Society with their latest installment to their 6-part mini-movie, "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming."

The flaming rap duo Corrupted By Society is twin brothers and rappers Sharard Baker and G Flatt. Although their time in Flint has made them the artists and people they are today; there's always room to broaden your horizons, which they seek to do in their latest single, "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming."

The new track is accompanied by a music video, the latest addition to Corrupted By Society's 6-part mini-movie. In this episode, we see Garrett calling up his brother Sam who's out on the west coast. As the visuals unfold, Corrupted By Society smokes the speakers with clear, cut, concise, and conceptual bars that paint their desires even further.

Corrupted By Society's visual for "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming" opens with Garrett rolling up some loud and calling up Sam about heading to California. As the two make plans, they throw a dark and powerhouse hip-hop beat through our speakers to round out the experience.

Both Sharad Baker and G Flatt bring such honest bars that many can relate to, especially about getting away from the normies in your hometown and fleeing to a place where dreams come true. It's one of the catchiest and most conceptual hip-hop tracks we've heard this year, and we're sure viewers will appreciate the personal touch of the song's music video and the entire 6-part mini-movie.

Sick and tired of your regular routine? Hop on the freeway and head west with Corrupted By Society's new single and music video, "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming." Find the song on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Corrupted By Society. We love the concept of your mini-movie series, especially your latest installment, "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming." Could you give us a rundown of what the entire mini-movie is about?

Sharard Baker: Long story short with no spoilers Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming is a dramatic comedy of one brother wanting to escape a negative situation by following his "Superstar" brother living the good life in Los Angeles.

G Flatt: It's a visual soundtrack to a story I came up with loosely based on our real-life situation. I, too, moved here after Sharard did to follow our dreams together.

Is the music video for "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming" the first part of the mini-movie? Or was there a storyline before this?

Sharard Baker: Yes, MSCD is the first part. However, there are plans to extend the story of Sam and Garrett once this 6 part series has concluded.

G Flatt: Without going into major details, we have the next two installments mapped out already. Maybe after that, we will go into what led to MSCD.

What was your experience writing and creating the song "Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming?" Did you work alongside any producers during the process?

G Flatt: The entire concept was an idea I pitched to Sharard. I always wanted to do something big as a project just needed someone with the experience to help me put it together. Sharard, being an actor and screenwriter himself, once I told him the story, just ran with it and instantly started writing it. We didn't work alongside any producers while making the song. Still, we worked with Onslaught Studios to map designs, locations, and market strategies before filming the project.

Sharard Baker: As for the song, I just so happened to have already written a song called Michigan Scheming, California Dreaming depicting the different life I was around from Michigan to California. Once I heard Flatt's story, I knew this would be perfect for a soundtrack. We decided to name the project that we've been running ever since.

What do you want your viewers to take away from your 6-part mini-movie? How do you want the series to impact them?

Sharard Baker: For me, I want to be recognized as a new creative that's on his way. I want viewers to be entertained first and foremost, but then I want to give them a glimpse into our personal life because the story is loosely based on how we got to this point.

G Flatt: I hope the project impacts them in a couple of different ways. I hope it makes them laugh and cry, and I want to leave them in suspense and clap for the underdog. We put all of these elements in these installments, and I want to make them feel it as they are watching it.

What's next for you?

October 28th, be on the lookout. I promise it's a vibe!

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