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Cortezzz Puts His Heart On Display In “Anything”

Mikey Cortez, better known by his professional name Cortezzz, is an emerging singer/songwriter hailing from New Jersey. He has been able to capture his audience by using events from his past to add relatability in his lyrics and outstanding vocal tone. Teaching himself to play guitar and bits of piano, Cortez eventually fell in love with the art of creating and performing. Out now is Cortezzz’ debut EP titled “The Heartbreak Kid” which includes his most personal story-piece single “Anything”. With the amount of passion and precision this artist can manifest, there’s no telling where his story will take him. 

Cortezzz pours his heart out on this latest release, riding the beat like a wave, showcasing freely meandering vocals and loving lyrics. “Anything” is a smooth and impressive new single, from an artist far from unafraid to express himself honestly. Cortezzz’ vocals on this track fall into the softly soulful side of things, fusing a hint of soul with a mellow R&B aura, his silky voice weaves its way through the dedication and loyalty at the heart of the song, working as hard as the words to seduce and embrace the significant other in question.

While there’s a certain simplicity to the set-up, Cortezzz makes the most out of the moment with a performance that sounds authentic. There’s a genuine lightness in the tone, a sense of love and appreciation in the way he handles the melody; he controls the tune, not the other way around. Flashy effects and multiple instrumental layers are not needed, Cortezzz’ natural confidence and skill result in an expressive delivery that more than carries the underlying sentiments through in a believable and open way. In a world full of volume and unnecessary quirks designed to grab attention, songwriting and smooth, pure performances such as this have the ability to stand out and make a difference thanks to their realness and the clear talent at their core. “Anything” is a humble and beautiful release, a moment well captured. Things are heading in a strong direction. Hopefully there’s plenty more music on the way from Cortezzz!

Listen to “Anything” here and read more below in our exclusive interview. 

Hi Mikey! Welcome to BuzzMusic. What can you tell us about “Anything”? How did it come to be, and what does it mean to you personally?

Thank you for having me! Well, what can I say about “Anything”? The song is a brainchild of mine that was basically a love letter to an ex-girlfriend of mine at the time. I pretty much wrote it in attempts to get her back. And as crazy as it sounds I feel that the reason this song is so successful at the moment is because of its relatability to the world as well as the lyrics which are super personal. Heartbreak is always amazing inspiration to use in music! As sad as that may sound haha.

What do you hope to bring to the music world with your own releases over the coming months and years?

I’m really just looking forward to using music as a platform to share my love for the art of performance and creativity. But I also have a niche for giving back to my communities around me. Whether it is educating the kids about expressing themselves through all types of arts or even doing fundraisers and charity events.

There’s a unique vibe to “Anything”, alongside a contemporary pop/R&B twang. Who or what would you say has influenced your approach to music the most over time?

I would definitely have to say that some of my biggest influences on approaching music would be artists like Boyz II Men, Prince, Michael Jackson, The Beatles and especially Freddy Mercury. There are definitely so many more I can name but those are the most influential to me. My dad definitely had a huge impact on me musically. Now that guy has amazing taste in music!

If you could work with anyone at all, past or present, who would you choose – and why?

Oh, this is a hard question for sure. There are a bunch of people in mind but I would most likely have to pick Michael Jackson! I’d pick him simply because his legacy is unmatched and I would really love to get his perspective on what music means to him, as well as what it was like growing up in his position as a superstar from such a young age.

Is live performance an important part of your plans? If so, what can audiences expect from a live show?

Live shows are absolutely one of the biggest factors to my game plan in my career as a performer. My audience can definitely expect great energy and connection from my shows. I try and interact with my audiences in fun and different ways every time I perform. You can expect some really intimate and fun acoustic sets in the future as well!


Catch up with Cortezzz on his upcoming releases through his socials below!


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