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Cory Stylez Releases “ICE”

Cory Stylez is an artist from Boston who currently resides in Houston who is going crazy with his new hit “ICE”. This song is the epitome of trap rap! The hard-hitting beat with an aggressive bass is serving as the supporting foundation for the record, while Cory Stylez gave a nicely well-articulated flow, with lyrics that “flexes” off the diamonds, jewelry, and well.. the ice!

This song was super cool due to the confidence it instills in the listener. You turn on this record and you instantly feel like Slick Rick! The vibes of the song are addictive, and it’s a hit that could be played at multiple parties! There’s more than enough room for another trap rapper in the industry and Cory Stylez seems to be the one to make that truth a reality! “ICE” was a dynamically driven song with the deftly-produced arrangement, and Cory Stylez has a solid appeal to his artistry. His soaring flow and cocky lyrics are great to add a dimension of attitude to the record. We’re sure Cory Stylez won’t have any trouble generating a large fan base in today’s rap culture! “ICE” was nothing less than a hit!

Listen to "ICE" here and get to know more about Cory Stylez below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cory Stylez! Mind telling us a little bit about your background and upbringing?

Well I grew up in Boston but I live in Houston now because my mom.

What drove you to start making music!? How has the journey been so far for you?

Me just listening to good music and finding out that making music was working out for me. This journey been crazy for me but it's getting better, I feel like I'm on the right track to greatness.

Who are some of your influences and inspirations as a rapper Cory Stylez?

I would have to say that Lil' Wayne and T.I. are my influence and inspiration

In what ways does your single “ICE” reflect who you are as an artist?

My single "ICE" shows and tells people that I love money and getting fly. It also shows how good of a rapper I am.

What’s next for you Cory Stylez?

I got album on the way and shows coming up this summer. I will have a busy summer with music videos and new heat.


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