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Country Heartthrob Daniel Bonte Describes Heartbreak in Recent Single "Dancing Away From Me"

Growing up around the backroads of Indiana, it is no surprise that Daniel Bonte fell in love with the intricate storytelling and homegrown roots of country music. Still passionate about songwriting to this day, he sings his heart out during live shows for the listeners that understand his love for music and processing emotions through stories.

“Dancing Away From Me” is Daniel Bonte’s latest single to precede an upcoming EP, and it is packed with the classic country ballad-like lyrics that make listeners fall in love with this genre. This song has an early 2000s country music feel to it, with the light-hearted guitar and bright vocals to portray a heartache. Electric guitar first sweeps you off your feet and takes you back to a moment in time when you were young and carefree, blasting country music on a road trip with your closest friends. Daniel Bonte’s vocal style is very characteristic, most reminiscent of popular country singer Eric Church. Daniel Bonte delivers emotional lyrics and perfectly describes the scene of watching someone walk away in slow motion.

During the slowdown of the last verse, the listener is able to immerse themselves in the reality that Daniel Bonte is describing for himself before the tempo picks up again for one last fiery chorus. The classic country influences like Garth Brooks, as well as inspirations from current well-known artists Daniel Bonte has performed with such as Lee Brice and Billy Currington, are apparent in his music style. With the style and energy he brings to the table, Daniel Bonte will be able to take the country music world by storm.

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