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‘Country Rap Trap’ Artist Alabama Nick Releases Single “Country Boy”

Alabama’s own southern “trap” rap artist Alabama Nick is determined to put Alabama’s country style on the hip hop map. To further build his legacy, he teamed up with his nephew Chefboy Tyree who is also an artist and producer. Alabama, Nick is known for his country spin on trap music that he calls “country rap trap.” His main goal is to avoid falling into the ever so popular ranks of what he calls “mumble rap” and to maintain his originality and personality with his music. Having launched his rapping career in 2019, Alabama Nick has already released many singles and a debut album called “We The South.” Alabama Nick has just collaborated with artist Salembound Joshi to release their new southern rap single “Country Boy.” Although it presents as a trap song, many country flavors are found within the lyrics and melody of “Country Boy.” In contrast to most trap and hip hop songs, Alabama Nick embraces the story-telling aspect of country music in his song. The catchy melody of “Country Boy” is also sung in a southern style with a noticeable country accent during its chorus. Lyrically, Alabama Nick sings about the alluring characteristics of “country boys.” With an active 808 trap beat, fire rap verses, and its southern heat, “Country Boy” is a perfect multi-genre song for both country and trap fans.

You can listen to "Country Boy" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Alabama Nick! You will have country and trap fans going crazy for your release “Country Boy.” Can you tell us more about the lyrics of the song? The lyrics of the song have a unique complex flow but are quite simple when you break them down. It basically outlines the dynamics of a country boy and what girls are missing without a country boy in their life. Who doesn’t want a man that can live off the land, take care of you and wine and dine you like you’ve never experienced? That’s what a country boy can do. At the same time, he will protect his woman and treat her with respect.

How has teaming up with your nephew Chefboy Tyree benefitted you as an artist? Can you tell us more about how you collaborate artistically? Teaming up with my nephew has been awesome! He is hands down one of the best producers in the game. I have worked with a few engineers and producers in Los Angeles from my time living there. I say that to say this... Chefboy Tyree’s talent exceeds most of them. Whatever he works on, he will not stop until he masters and perfects it. Most importantly, he knows my sound; he’ll also give me the utmost honesty when something doesn’t work or fit. Most producers are afraid to hurt your feelings and will just let you go, which later can cause what I call creative remorse. This can eat away at you when a project is done. Chefboy is a straight shooter and plus he is out to make hits, just like me.

One of your main goals as an artist is to make a name for Alabama in the rap world. Why is it important to you to combine these two worlds that are often assumed to be separate? The Deep South especiallyAlabamaisn’t really known for producing a lot of talent in the rap world. I know some dudes right now that would give some of the best rappers in the game a run for their money. I mean true talent and artistic ability. Most fall by the wayside and give up on their dreams because there are no outlets in Alabama to get your “voice” or talent heard by a mainstream audience. It’s my mission to let the rest of the world know that Alabama has some talent and will crush the rap game if given the opportunity. 

Can you tell us about your creative process with artist Salembound Joshi for your song “Country Boy?”

Salembound Joshi, who is also my cousin is one of the rawest artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with. We basically just get in the studio, but beats on repeat, and try to catch a vibe. Country boy just happened to be one of the vibes we caught one night in the studio. While working on it..mid process, the three of us just looked at each other nodded, and smiled because we knew we had a hit! We’ve got some other projects in the works as well, so keep Salembound Joshi tuned in on your radar.



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