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Cozy Up With The Winter Wonderland Betty Beata Brilliantly Creates

Born in Hungary to a family of musically-inclined Romanian gypsies, Betty Beata quickly took up lead vocals in performances of her culture's beautiful and technically sophisticated folk songs.

By age twelve, she'd mastered the classics of bossa nova legend Antonio Carlos Jobim and recorded a selection of his hits. She then launched a house music and jazz project under the moniker Delilah, releasing albums featuring songs with her husband, Berklee-trained smooth jazz maestro Dave Sereny, and Jim Peterik of "Eye of the Tiger" fame.

The name Betty Beata pays tribute to both her birth name (Beata) and the anglicization of it (Betty), perfectly representing her journey and the range of genres she's conquered along the way. As we reach the joyous time of year when holiday songs are a staple on our playlists, we’re grateful for them instilling that added Christmas spirit to keep us going through these cold days. Betty Beata thinks in a similar headspace, and we get to thank her for her contributions with her instant holiday hit, "My Favourite Time Of The Year."

Through her dazzling vocal performance in this enticing record, we’re propelled into opulent harmonies that wrap us in a blanket of robust warmth. Betty Beata treats us to festive visuals accompanying the feel-good holiday tune, and we’re ushered into a winter wonderland rich in the meaning of Christmas.

The ornamental production style courtesy of Betty Beata’s life-and-music partner Dave Sereny is elusive yet captivating as it effortlessly simmers in the realm of holiday nuances.

It pairs with a blend of warm and colourful lights, swooping you into the abundance of love professed through each scene. Whether it's friendship, the romance of lovers or the love you share with your family, Bett Beata makes you feel the passion, further propelling us into a blissful expression of connection.

The heartrending essence of this record makes it a must-add to your holiday playlist, while the filmic component serves as the needed visual to remind you what Christmas is all about. Watch Betty Beata instill adoration into your life with “My Favourite Time Of The Year,” out now on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Betty Beata! We’re thrilled to discuss your latest holiday record, “My Favourite Time Of The Year.” You do an exceptional job bringing us into your winter wonderland and making us feel the holiday cheer. What inspired you to venture on the path of creating a Christmas hit and music video?

First, I would like to thank you very much for your kind words, and I’m so happy to be here on BuzzMusic. I have always loved Christmas since when I was a little kid. I wanted to write a song representing the people who couldn’t make it home for Christmas. People like our troops serving overseas and longing to be together. I also wanted to share my feelings when Christmas is here.

We truly feel the love jumping from the screen as each scene floods us with the ideal holiday setting. What was it like filming the music video for this? Do you happen to have a favorite scene that you filmed?

Thank you. We had so much fun filming this video! The video came up very quickly, and we had to scramble to find locations. With good help from great friends, we could shoot at Ilumi. Ilumi is an offshoot of Cirque du Soleil, which are the beautiful lights and displays you see in the video. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite scene as I liked all of it, especially this swing - maybe that’s because I’m a jazzer at heart!

What makes Christmas your favorite time of the year?

I would have to say, family. There’s nothing like the big family get-togethers, the beautiful meals, singing carols and Christmas standards, and just the spirit! I love it when the snow is falling. It creates such a beautiful scene. I love it.

“My Favourite Time Of The Year” has seen great success for the period it’s been out for! Congratulations on being featured in the BET film A Miracle Before Christmas! What has the experience of this been like? Where can we watch the film?

The experience has been fantastic. You know, sometimes you get calls and think you’re going to have some breakthrough, and nothing happens. So I’m very grateful for this opportunity because they don’t come around too often, and I just tried to make the best of it. I was very honoured to be included in this film, so I hope we have created a classic. It’s funny that you ask, as we could not watch the film as it was not shown here in Canada. So It was out for a while before we even got to see it. I know it’s playing on Amazon Prime. As for the other locations, I am not sure! I know it played on BET, and I hope it will play again next year.

What can we expect to see and hear from you in 2023?

I’m in the process of releasing a new record, and we will be doing some videos. There’s one song on there that I like called "Magic!" That will be the first time I have to find my magic wand and cast a spell on the world one note at a time.


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