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Crash Barbosa Does Not Hold Back on His Thoughts in “My Name Is Still Crash"

Hailing from LA is the political activist and singer Crash Barbosa, using music as an outlet for social justice issues, and mental health awareness allows for Crash Barbosa to make thoughtful experiences that help the listener feel his thoughts. Crash Barbosa has the upcoming album 'Checks & Balances' set to release later this year. Before his album releases, Crash Barbosa released a political statement of a song, "My Name Is Still Crash," and this one does not hold back for a moment on what Crash Barbosas' views are.

As soon "My Name Is Still Crash" begins, we get hit with incredibly laid back but hard-hitting lyrics that share Crash Barbosas' views on current society and what the problems are. Using spontaneously dynamic vocals filled with flavorful delay throws, pitch shift effects, and expensive adlibs over a tense but steady 808 drum beat with some quirky horns. The chorus allows for Crash Barbosas' message to get through to the listener in a way that will keep each lyric memorable. We are loving how bold this release is and cannot wait to hear what will be coming in his upcoming album 'Checks & Balances.'

Be sure to listen to “My Name Is Still Crash” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Crash Barbosa, we’re loving how forward you were with your release “My Name Is Still Crash”, were there any particular events that were used as the source of inspiration for this one?

Yes actually, a lot of events. I was going through legal issues at the time, and I kept seeing people in court getting herded into the system. Some of them in Military Fatigues and I couldn’t believe that on top of everything else. I wrote a lot of that song while awaiting hearings outside of the Court Room. I felt like I was being hated for being me, there wasn’t any reality in what they were saying about me. That lead me to come up with “My Name is Still Crash” as a concept. I was like “What did I do to any of you? I’m still the same person you have no problem putting on a pedestal and having spoken with schools and now the system has issues with who I am? That’s crazy, I’ve never been anything outside of truthful with everybody.” It kind of went from a place of refusing to change my content while facing an absurd amount of Political Blowback.  

We’re loving how simplistic but driving the backing beat it, what was that whole creation process like? How did you come up with using those quirky horns in the chorus?

The creation process was very simple and wholesome. I was working with my Producer Cali Dreamz, and I heard some instruments I liked a lot on a beat he was working a skeleton out for. The beat was initially at 120 bpm and I asked him to slow it down to 80 bpm. From there we picked out some Instruments I liked and wanted to emphasize. In all of my music, I try to allow my voice to guide the song, rather than allow the song to guide my voice at all. The horns stem specifically from Dreamz being an old school West Coast type of Producer and showing me different sounds to represent that. He used to work with DJ Quik and works with a lot of big West Coast names from now and the “Golden Era.” That definitely influenced our decision to use them, as well as his creation of those horns. It just sounded right. It made sense. 

Being originally from New York and now being in LA, how has the culture of each city influenced the music you are creating?

That’s always a great question, being as I’m influenced directly by both coasts. I’ve been in LA most of my life and grew up on all types of music. I was the kid wearing an Iron Maiden shirt with Jordan’s in Middle School. Both cultures of Hip Hop and Punk have influenced my music from the very beginning. Poetry was what I was known for prior to rapping which I started doing at 18, due to everybody asking me to do it. I always say nobody is a rapper if they had to call themselves a rapper before anybody else. I don’t even like labels, I personally prefer to be called a vocalist. That’s more what I do. My music also is very influenced by the South, I can’t give NY and Cali points for my style without including the South. I’ve always done business with people in the South, such as  Underground Railroad Entertainment. They’re a big factor in my music to this day. My music couldn’t exist in the almost “lecture form” I record in without drums and 808’s with Southern Influence. That’s the punk in all of it. The Dirty South sound is just raw, it reminds me of 77 Punk in attitude if that was being compared to Agent Orange. Both are awesome, and wouldn’t exist without each other well. 

With your upcoming album ‘Checks & Balances’ set to release later this year, how does this release compare to the upcoming tunes? How do you feel you have grown as an artist with the new material?

That release will be more of the same Politically and Socially. I’m focused on Political Activism above the music at this stage in my life for sure, but there will be other material coming out this year. Menace 2 Society is another song I just released with Cali Dreamz, and that’s very telling of my musical direction. I’ve grown as a vocalist more than anything else. I’ve grown as a songwriter, but I didn’t have to struggle with it as much as vocals. Nobody thinks I struggle with vocals at any point besides me though. I just know that’s something I needed Vocal Coaching in. Whether for breath control or for cadence, that’s one of the first things I ever had to go out of my way to improve at in life. I’ve always been open to learning, and a fast learner. That was a nice reality check honestly. I knew what I was doing, but I didn’t know how I was doing it. Learning correct form with vocals (cadence, breath control, etc) from an Academic level was really interesting. I expect to be budding out into other genres as well. 

Is there anything else we can expect from you for 2020?

Yes!!! Menace 2 Society just came out with Cali Dreamz. That video is amazing and coming soon. I have videos for songs off the album that nobody has heard yet. I’m making a series called #CrashBarbosaSaidWhat that has its first episode out on IGTV. I’m also exploring working with other genres, I’d like to have a punk band or something similar to Rage Against the Machine going as well very soon. Politically, I always expect to see plenty of me as well. That’s the soul behind everything I do. I’m a Political Activist before I’m anything. If things don’t change, I can’t imagine what they’ll look like within 20 years. It’s not ok. Inaction is Action. Everybody can and should be doing there part. Especially Musicians, and other Public Figures. If we don’t use our influence to make the world a better place, then the Public deserves better Public Figures. Those are the facts. 



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