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Crashing Hotels Delivers A Mind-Expanding Performance In, “For a Sunburn”

Eccentric alternative/indie artist Crashing Hotels infuses a natural psychedelic pizzaz into his music. Taking a unique approach to songwriting, Ao Anderson has reached a new peak with his recent release, "For a Sunburn," which captures the very essence of his artistry.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, Crashing Hotels is a project that he began with incredible passion. For over 20 years, Crashing Hotels chose to avoid music listening as much as possible in hopes that this would stir ultimate authenticity in his creative mind. As a result, listeners can keep in mind that the music of Crashing Hotels is generated by entirely raw and un-influenced creativity.

Once pressing play on "For a Sunburn," we're taken into a world of kaleidoscopic flavor. Crashing Hotels ensures listeners of this song are brought on an explorative, mind-altering journey, which is successfully achieved by beautifully-crafted synths that pour out of our speakers, infusing into our auditory system and stimulating the rest of our senses to release those feel-good chemicals.

There's such a unique blend of instrumentals that "For a Sunburn" feels almost hallucinatory. The vocals seamlessly blend into this atmosphere, further attributing to the rarely psychotropic yet calming sound Crashing Hotels collectively produces.

Are we impressed? Yes. Crashing Hotels establishes an incredibly strong presence within the psychedelic indie community with his release of "For a Sunburn." His earthly and serene energy can be felt throughout the song, which only leaves us craving more of his anomalous creative edge.

"For a Sunburn" is a beautifully-crafted psychotropic journey. Where did the influence for the new single come from?

I hate to sound boring, but I don't know. I wrote it randomly one day just out of the need to write.

Were there any other artists that helped it come to its fruition?

Habbert Cheeks III played drums on this one, and a friend sang the hook, but other than that, it was just me. Can you tell us about your band? When did it form? Who's currently performing live with you?

The end of 2017 was the year I started playing serious shows. Currently, I haven't played with a new lineup yet, but I have some friends out here in LA who are going to be getting down with me on stage. How would you describe the impact you wanted "For a Sunburn" to have on its listeners and how did this song impact you when it was finished?

I want it to make people feel happy and loved because that's how I felt when I recorded it, and it's how I feel now after releasing it. After releasing this new single, do you feel any different as an artist? Do you feel further inspired or challenged for your further music releases?

Yeah, this was a meaningful one for me. After the pandemic being so difficult for me in so many ways, this release has really knocked it home that I have something special that people want to hear. With the world being so totally screwed, I feel inspired to give my music the time and energy it deserves and get out on the road. What can we expect with your forthcoming full-length LP, TROPHIC CASCADE? How will it differ from previous releases? When is it dropping?

The album is different from the previous one because I brought in a drummer and bassist to record parts on most of the tunes. This album has a super different feel than 'Exploration Exploitation' because it's not as low-bass-focused. It all feels a bit faster, and I think people are going to be surprised with the sound being so bouncy.

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